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Currently my php code looks like the following.I would avoid to do a query for each entry. if(isarray(EMailArr)) . sql "INSERT INTO emaillist (RID, EMAIL, NAME) values " I am currently using this->db->query(INSERT INTO feeditems(feedid, remote id, link, title, createdtime, updatedtime) VALUESI actually managed to solve it a few hours after posting this, I made the remote id a unique column and then did the following for the SQL INSERT INTO mysql> INSERT INTO tutorialsinf ->(id, name) ->VALUES ->(10, "John Poul") Query OK, 1 row affected (0.01 sec).You can use same SQL INSERT INTO command into PHP function mysqliquery() to insert data into a MySQLi table. The Tutorial illustrate an example from PHP SQL Insert . To understand the example, firstly we need to create a table stu with required fieldnames and datatypes respectively. The table stu has a Primary Key id. This PHP tutorial help to create create dynamic sql insert query using table and data .I have taken this function reference from google search. This function is very useful when you are working model level architecture. raw download clone embed report print PHP 0.58 KB. public function UploadComment(comment, username, id).

return false sql "INSERT INTO this->table VALUES (? mysql-insert-id PHP reference manual with full description and examples.Note: The value of the MySQL SQL function LASTINSERTID() always contains the most recently generated AUTOINCREMENT value, and is not reset between queries. query ("INSERT INTO documentassociation2 (name) VALUES (groupname) WHERE NOT EXISTS ( groupname") result mysql queryHow do you mean unique index, that option only appears valid on the unique id (int) column I have set up within MySQL? The SQL query must be quoted in PHP.Now, let us fill the table with data. Note: If a column is AUTOINCREMENT (like the " id" column) or TIMESTAMP (like the "regdate" column), it is nosql "INSERT INTO MyGuests (firstname, lastname, email) VALUES (John, Doe," Example of MySQL INSERT() function using where. The following MySQL statement takes the aut id from the author table checking if the country ofname"description" content"example-insert-function - php mysql examples | w3resource">

plz help. my code is—. queryrev "insert into dbo.CCLine (ID,CCType,CSID,IdUSer,DateCreated)values" . valuesrev insert mssqlquery(queryrev)PHP: Inserting the current timestamp into SQL Server 2005. Ohhh youre close. A little tweak, and it works. Heres what I came up with: INSERT INTO myTable (owner, name) SELECT id as "owner", myName as "name" FROM users where usernamemyUserName I think if you omit the (owner, name) Instead, use the internal MySQL SQL function LASTINSERTID() in an SQL query. For more information about PHPs maximum integer values, please see the integer documentation. In this example, we want to build a table "mytable" which has a node id and a user name for all nodes on the system which are of the page type. Drupal 6.