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ANd possibly one of the best punchline raps "22 Twos" Jay-Z) "Too much West coast dick-lickin, and too many z on a mission Doin your best Jay-Z rendition Too many rough motherfuckers, I got my suspicions that youre just a fish in a pool of sharks Jay Z Best Punchlines And Metaphores.mp3. Play Download.BEST BATTLE RAP PUNCHLINES | BODY BAG BATTLES GREATEST MOMENTS EVER pt2.mp3. Jay - Z best punchlines and metaphores. Best Rock Ballads - What Love Can Be - Kingdom Come. Bon Jovi the best - Its My Life ).John Legend ft Ludacris - Tonight (Best You Ever Had) OST Think Like A Man. post up the best rap punchlines youve heard.Actually, the whole of Takeover, by Jay-Z is a great rap diss.You aint a LeaderNobody ever Followed you, Your ass was a MistakeYo "Striking niggas where the Mason-Dixon line cross" One of the best track ending lines ever lol same with.That chalky outline on the ground is a father figure" - Vast Aire. "Lock my body, cant trap my mind" - Jay-Z. Some Of Jay Z S Best Lines Jay Z Freestyle Hot 97 Diss To Game And Cassidy B4 Dear Summer Jay Z I Shot Ya Freestyle The 10 Best Jay Z Songs | Complex Jay Z D Evils With Lyrics. The latest Tweets from PunchLines (PunchLinesBars). Highlighting The Best Lines In Rap. To Live and Die In LA.Cocaine seats all white like I got the whole thing bleached - Jay-z Punchline. Some Of Jay-Zs Best Lines. Top 10 Lil Wayne Punchlines.

Eminems Best Verses/ Punchlines.Jay-Z - DEvils (With Lyrics!) Jay-Z - I Shot Ya Freestyle. Big L best Rhymes and Punchlines. They come hard with metaphors, punchlines, and their sick flows. The beat is produced by Clark Kent.Lyrically, this track is one of Jays best ever. At the end of Jays verse he says: "And even if Jehova Witness bet hell never testify", need I say more? This crush was the main ever lead single by Jay-Z to assert the main spot on the Hot 100 of theThe songs engage us to a connecting with story.

A punchline comes after each two lines.Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time. Eminem Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums. Give Jay Z a flute loop and hell give you a hit. Here are the 25 best Jay Z songs of all time.The swirling waves, the coiling narrative and the stone-cold vocals from Frank Ocean help make "Oceans" one of Jay Zs best songs ever. And some have speculated that Beyonces reference in one song to Becky "with the good hair" was about fashion designer Rachel Roy and an alleged affair between Roy and Beyoncs husband Jay-Z.Punchlines audio! No time to watch the video? His best because: It is as close to perfection as Jay ever came. Considered a classic by almost everyone. His most autobiographical release.Franks hook is incredible, and Jays punchline raps require a deep read and a referral to Genius for the full meaning. He knows this too, has Em ever rapped about money or any success? I would say Jay-Z is better.His angry flow and punchlines with some humor is an untouchable combo. Jay-z is a better entrepreuner and has an empire Em cant touch. Images for Best Punchlines For Girls. 25 Best Quotes About Women Day 1.bp.blogspot.com.The Funniest Joke Ever LOL | FanPhobia - Celebrities www.fanphobia.net.Diddy, Jay-Z, More Court Odd Future - XXL www.xxlmag.com. Handler noted that Beyonces body language looked like she wasnt trying to protect Jay Z, let alone Solange, so the host supposed she was mad at Jay as well, but also noted that "it was probably four oclock in the morning, so they were probably all pretty wasted." The punchline of every Jay-Z joke these days is that hes old.Black Panther is on track to become Marvels most successful solo superhero movie ever. Why The Post is a Best Picture contender, and why it probably wont win. Jay-Z, Tha Carter III, 2008. Today is Lil Waynes birthday!It contains a lot of fantastic punchlines, and it has one of what I consider the key Wayne sequences: "I beenTheres also that outro, where he imagines his mother at a funeral parlor, which is one of the most devastating things hes ever rapped. In honor of the 16th anniversary of his death, HNHH presents Big Ls sixteen best punchlines. SHARE PICTURE.Im so ahead of my time, my parents havent met yet." "7 Minute Freestyle" feat. Jay-Z (1995). Featuring hits by Usher, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and more.The Toronto producer better known as 40 has been shaping Drizzys sound ever since his 2009Young 40s straightforward head-nod beats serve as a gritty platform for the groups MCs to show off their rap-battle skills and fiery punchlines. Shawn Jay Z Carter has become the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!Stacey Dash, Clueless Actress And One-Time Oscar Punchline, Running For Congress.The Walking Dead Carl Death Episode Was Lowest-Rated Midseason Premiere Ever. 99 probs feat. lp iz d best song ever. Jay z is by far the best rapper alive, 99 Problems deserves this spot because Jay Z is awesome. This song has rekindle my love for hip hop and music.

Quite possibly the best MC to ever come out of Harlem, Big L was on the cusp of superstardomA master of killer punchlines, wild bravado, and colorful crime stories, he was put on by Lordposse cuts, "8 Iz Enuff" and "Da Graveyard," the latter of which features Granddaddy I.U. and a young Jay-Z. What are the best albums by Jay-Z? BestEverAlbums.com brings together thousands of greatest ever album charts and calculates an overall ranking. Some Of Jay-Zs Best Lines - Продолжительность: 9:24 MASKDEE1 72 869 просмотров.Big L best Rhymes and Punchlines - Продолжительность: 12:39 RealHipHop4 Ever139 69 496 просмотров. They are probably the most well known jay z tracks ever.Ems verse is more in your face and full of overt punchlines while Hovas verse is more of multliple entendre lines that can only be appreciated by taking a closer look. Best Punchlines Ever!! Discussion in Hip-Hop Central started by L7 - LMV - L7, Feb 23, 2007.Jay-Z - If skilled sold then truth be told Id prolly be lyrically Talib Kweli truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense, but I did 5 mil, I aint been rhymin like Common since! Jay Z learned that lesson.He was the best Punchline Rapper to ever of lived.Ill give you that.But theres a difference to being the best with punchlines to being the best over all,over all being versatility,consistency,lyricism,storytelling ability and flow,as well as being good with punchlines.And Donald Trump And Van Jones Spar After Jay-Z Rips Trumps Sthole Line.Black Panther Breaks More Records: 112M Second Weekend Is Second-Best Ever As Marvel Movie Crosses 400M.Stacey Dash, Clueless Actress And One-Time Oscar Punchline, Running For Congress. Booba Punchlines. 119K likes. La piraterie nest jamais finie Morray ! BoobaPunchlines.JAY-Z. In this list of the 10 best Jay-Z songs, we pay tribute to hip-hop king Hov, who is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time.Jigga raps crazy punchlines with his the rapid-tongue flow over the Clark Kent-produced track. HIDE CAPTION. Jay Leno: The punchlines.Jay Lenos emotional goodbye. Writer: "Leno is an every man". "And in closing, I want to quote Johnny Carson, who was the greatest guy to ever do this job. Album Review: Jay-Z - In My Lifetime, Vol. 1.The closest you ever came to a punch line Was waitin for refreshments at the prom in 89.SJ7 i disagree i think Wayne has more and better punchlines. IMO. Instead of rapping in his recent style of over-emphasizing his words and hammering home ever obvious punchline, Jay for the most part goes backonce were, and he never just totally kills it in a way that makes you want to rewind and listen to a verse over and over, but Jay-Z is rapping well for the first Ololololol, Video Clips, BEst RAP PUNChLIne The Hip-Hop Spot WatS tha BEst PUNchLine U EVEr hEard A RapPEr USe IN A Verse??? young said: I am about a dollar What was the slickest shit you ever said.Maybe Nas said it best when he was at war with Jay Z: May 09, 2007 Best Answer Review: Eminem Is Raw, Honest and Compelling as Ever on Revival.Clive Davis, Alicia Keys Honor Jay-Z at Pre-Grammys Gala.But, at 45, he hasnt had a good pop-culture feud in ages, and his pill-popping days of vice are behind him. Or create a beat that ends up forming one of the best party songs ever?Though Jay-Z has become a punchline to millennials who have only lived through his somewhat goal-less, commercial-driven albums, the Brooklyn native has put out more classic records than anyone on this list. sidimammRoyce is King! Flow, lyrics, punchlines.m.i.k.a.e.lJay z is dope. Good choice. Hov gets way to much hate. baythemsknightLayers, pray, gotta know and shine are the best tracks out all the best tracks ahaa. L is possibly the best punchline rapperApart from freestylers the best rappers ever are.and this is accurate Im 100 correct on this one 1. 2pac 2. Notorious BIG 3. Eminem 4. Naz 5. Jay-z 6. Rakim 7. KRS-1 8. LL Cool J 9. Big L 10. Jay - Z best punchlines and metaphores.JAY - Z best concert video ever- live msg 2011. 33. Ricky Z Best Day Ever Remix Preview. 34. Mya ft. Jay - Z - Best of Me Trackmasters Remix. 35. Jay-Z best punchlines and metaphores. jay-z rips it up.Jay-z - the greatest biter ever!!!! For all you jay z fans Tell me what you think. Some Of Jay-Zs Best Lines Why he is the best rapper alive! Jay Zs 10 Best Features Remixes From dropping 16s for artists like Kanye and Beyonce to blessing tracks for Linkin Park Rihanna Best quotes ever said. Jay z lyrics.I just love that Jay-Z was so sweet about the whole thing. I love his face at the end- this is how I feel when ppl talk about music, I know JAYZ! [Beanie Sigel] Alright hold on - Hova, line one. [Jay-Z] Heres a couple of suggestions of how youchill, chill dont pay the bills [Beans] Yeah I feel that [Chris] I know you well connected dog Let meof cus-tomers Never hold out, pull out, throw heat and be out if a nigga ever think that he touchin-ya Lay Hes got a lot of funny punchlines on that shit. To me its like, Jay is a good guy because hes a guide forDo you ever see yourself going beyond rap, being more of a public figure and speaking about the issues that you rap about on songs? Jay Zs 10 Best Guest Verses - HotNewHipHop. The best Hov features ever. Im not a businessman, Im a business, manLet me handle my business, damn! Jay Z, Diamonds of Sierra Leone (Remix) Jay Z hajay z punchlines quotes. Jay Z) Gotta Have It. "Think im gettin sick, im feelin illegal, And not having money is the root of all evil" Lil Wayne I Like the View.What are punchlines in rap music? What is the lyrically best rap song ever? Description : Jay Z first rap EVER on TV They Didnt Even Say His Name! With Big Daddy Kane onJay-Z best punchlines and metaphores. Description : jay-z rips it up. Not your usual "punchline" but Fast Life is one of my favorites, straight finesse. EDIT: Song wasnt that hot, any line in The World is Yours > Dead Presidents."i made it a hot song" as if it wasnt a hot song to begin with in fact it was better than anything Jay-Z has ever put out in his career. После одного просто очень хорошего альбома (Jay-Z "Blueprint 3") и одного стилеобразующего альбома (Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy") две звезды рэпа выпустили альбом-прикол. 3 сентября 2011, 13:42.

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