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If I run a simple queryposts like: queryposts(postsperpage3posttypeeventmetakeyeventdate orderbymetavalueorderDESC)Force WPQuery to work in a local timezone. I did a query almost exactly like that recently, and had no real issue. Have you reviewed the actual query that WordPress is generating?I looked at the query it only seems to break if I add the meta key and order by metavaluenum. "orderby" > "metavaluenum", "order" > "ASC". ) loop new WPQuery( args ) ?> Posted almost 5 years ago by muelliman.However, you should probably just use WordPresss builtin date value, and not bother splitting them up. orderby > metavaluenumwpresetquery() ?> In this way the events will show as per the custom field eventdateinterval Ascending Order. poststatus > publish, metakey > eventdate, orderby > metavaluenum0. WordPress WPQuery: Display custom post type based on custom meta value, and also order on another custom meta value. Im having some trouble getting an arguments array to sort an event list by the date in Wordpress.metakey > eventdate, orderby > metavaluenumtemp wpquery wpquery null wpquery new WPQuery(args)This is what I used to query the posts Код WP User Query: wp-includes/class-wp-user-query.php VER 4.9.4.since 3.1.0 since 4.1.0 Added the ability to order by the include value.

since 4.2.0 Added metavaluenum support for orderby parameter. Wordpress - metaquery and orderby date meta?WordPress WPQuery: Display custom post type based on custom meta value, and also order on another custom meta value. WordPress 4.0 allowed you to specify multiple orderby parameters and set the order of eachAs I read before, I should change default query by pregetpost to get opportunity to sort post by meta value.The code above is for a custom page template, which is why its using a custom WPQuery. Orderby should be metavaluenum, or metavalue, not the name of the key. See WPQuery orderby parameters. You are at: Home » WordPress sort wpquery multiple metavalues.What you want to do is set orderby to metavalue and metakey to your custom field. orderby > metavaluenum ) wpquery new WPQuery( args )WordPress standard query sucks with multiple meta queries when orderby is set to meta key. You can define the meta key for orderby parameter using the old method (I tested on WP 3.1.1) Wordpress Hackers.

Search everywhere only in this topic.Todays Topics: > > 1. Another plugin removed from WP.org extend directory (KnxDT) > 2. Re: queryposts orderbymetavalue (Dion Hulse (dd32)) > 3. Theme options panel questions - Add social bookmarking > (Jeremy Herve) WordPress 4.2 is coming soon, and Boone Gorges writes on Make WordPress Core about WPQuery improvements for orderby and metaqueryThese arguments have always operated more or less independently from metaquery. Internally, metakey and metavalue are converted to the first WordPress, using metaquery orderby. Wordpress query - Order by meta-field value. WPQuery metaquery date range with 2 custom fields. Thinkpad FreeBSD minify wpenqueuestyle theme WordPress theme wpregisterstyle DOM HTML parser innerHTML Wagtail StreamField Automation.addfilter(postsorderby, neworder ) function neworder( orderby ) global wpdb if(iscategory()) orderby "metasort.metavalue Heres all the values the orderby parameter takes (taken form WP Codex)metavaluenum Order by numeric meta value (available with Version 2.8). Also note that a metakeykeyname must also be present in the query. See WPMetaQuery. Default empty. type int number Maximum number of comments to retrieve. Default: true. type string|array orderby Comment status or array of statuses. To use metavalue. WP query changing orderby>metavalue to orderby>post ID. by toofarm Last Updated November 06, 2017 21:08 PM.However, when I try to use pubdate in a WPquery, Wordpress returns results ordered numerically according the post ID, not the pubdate meta field. The most basic example loop query would look like this: 4, metakey > wpbpostviewscount, orderby > metavaluenumTo add other WPQuery parameters such as time range, refer to the WP Query page on Codex. global wpquery wpquery new WPQuery (posttypeeventpoststatuspublishpostsperpage5metakeydatevalueorderbyMat/Display wordpress posts with custom date meta value, ordered by this date,( PHP). Powerful advanced search forms for WordPress sites.orderby (string) Relevant only when metakey is set to true. Accepts either metavalue or metavaluenum. Use metavaluenum for meta values that are numeric. See the official WPQuery documentation for Posted in Wordpress wp-query, June 10, 2016. I have a messenger in my app that uses a custom post type to store messages.orderby > poststatus date, order > DESC Sorting: custom query with orderby metavaluenum THEN by title.WordPress Screwing Up orderby > metavaluenum in pregetposts. 0. WPQuery order result by date AND metavalue. 1. wordpress. 0. 23. Advertisement. 1. This are my current parameters for WP QueryI want the result to be ordered by the numeric value of ussproductprice (first) and ussproductweight (second). How can I tell the query to use the numeric value while still using the complexity of multiple orderby Use this WordPress code snippet generator to build complex argument arrays for the WPQuery class.This text field accepts a string value. Display Order: Select the display order for the orderby parameter.Meta Compare: Enter an operator to test the metavalue. Tags: wordpress arguments sql-order-by wp-query meta-key.AND wpdb->posts.poststatus publish ORDER BY rating.metavalue, vote. metavalue ASC LIMIT 0,20" .For more reference, see order and orderby parameters from wpquery. WPQuery is a class defined in wp-includes/class-wp-query.php that deals with the intricacies of a posts (or pages) request to a WordPress blog.query new WPQuery( args ) orderby with metavalue and custom post type. wpquery->set(orderby, metavalue)customquery new WPQuery( args ) RelatedWordPress metaquery for Custom Post Type with orderby. WordPress doesnt let you sort posts by multiple custom field values or keys if youre using a metaquery.Check if the query var metaqueryorderby is used for this query. if ( !( !emptyParse the query vars to retrieve the meta query sql.

metaquery new WP MetaQuery orderby > date, metakey > membersordernumber, orderby > metavaluenum, orderThe Query query new WPQuery( args )see page-attributes metabox on posts edit screen), then you can use menuorder for sorting and you dont need custom field, and metaquery, e.g. events getposts( args ) So the question is, how do I query the other custom field (which is the start time), and then sort by that time?You can user WPQuery to retrieve your events and you can query it something like below: args array( posttype > event, order > DESC, orderby I want to order posts by price in wordpress, I tried a lot and also concerned by documentation, all looks good but still it is not working here is code. global wpquery queryvarsare you sure that the metafield price is numeric? orderby > meta valuenum, works only on numeric fields if a value The getposts function makes use of the above WPQuery object, however, it only returns an array of post objects making it a simpler way to find and loop over posts.get posts posts getposts(array( posttype > event, postsperpage > -1, metakey > startdate, orderby > metavalue ( string ) required Raw orderby value passed to WPTermQuery.File name: wordpress/wp-includes/class-wp-term-query.php Lines: 1 to 50 of 50.orderby corresponds to a metaquery clause. By brandon.lee on February 7, 2014 Wordpress. In working with a client who had a number of static posts that were named according to a set naming covention.wpquery-gtset( orderby, metavalue) Package: WordPressQuery Since: 1.5.0 Link: Codex page. Located at wp -includes/query.php.Accepts ASC, DESC. string|array orderby Sort retrieved posts by parameter. One or more options may be passed. To use metavalue, or metavaluenum, metakeykeyname must be also be WordPress 3.5 has introduced meta queries for the WPCommentQuery class, which allows us to retrieve comments from the database that have specific meta values and/or keys attached toThe query args dont work right because when you set orderby > meta value, metakey > featured return orderby The wpthequery way.AND ((metakey mymetakey) AND (metavalue LIKE my querystring)). in order words, it will list posts only if their title and/or body contain my query string. Defaults to date. One or more options can be passed. EX: orderby > menuorder title.I just noticed that WordPress treats the any value for posttype differently to other values.Perhaps Im overlooking it, but the metaquery array accepts a relation key which can have a value of either AND or OR.manifestcreative Youre correct. In class WPMetaQuery::construct, a check for I am trying to use a WordPress User Query to create a list of users that is ordered by a custom meta value. Its a simple numeric value, going from 1 to 100?> I think the problem is that wpuserquery does not support custom fields in orderby - so I need a solution that works around this. Any ideas? Im creating a wordpress site for my father in laws restaurant. Each course has a number that I list using orderby of a advanced custom field containing a number.By removing: orderby > metavalue, I was able to order just by asc. If you are using the WPQuery class to modify the WordPress query then you need to use the variable of the class to call the haveposts() methods and the thepost() method.orderby > metavalue The WPQuery class is one of the most important parts of the WordPress codebase.postsperpage Defaults to the value specified in the reading settings for the number of posts to list.Youve already seen that WPQuery is great at handling meta data — we used a metaquery in the Where I discovered something pretty amazing in WordPress, that is the metaquery of WPQuery. It allows me to bend WordPress more and more.metakey > eventsstart-date, orderby > metavalue Sorting by post meta in WPQuery is quite easy with the orderby argument set to metavalue.Posted on June 15, 2012 by Konstantin Kovshenin. This entry was tagged tips, WordPress. Bookmark the permalink. How to query WordPress posts using metaquery parameter.rdquery new WPQuery( rdargs ) Otherwise, if you need to query all posts except the ones with this pair of meta key and value, you can use the following parameters WP Query lets you orderby metavalue, but to do so you have to tell WP Query which metakey to use.While there isnt a nice argument to pass to WP Query to do what we want, there is a particularly clever filter that WordPress provides called posts clauses that lets you add literal SQL to That can be used for creating MySQL queries that the WordPress WPQuery() class doesnt support. Fortunately today, WordPress does have arguments that support queries for custom meta fields.orderby > metavaluenum

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