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Okay, maybe not a divide, but there are a handful of people who doubt NBA 2KsWith every passing season fans wait anxiously for that yearly upgrade, and to this point 2K has stayed consistent in every way.Revolution report card. 4. Rating. A Spike Lee Joint. All of that development and growth was worth one point, according to NBA 2K16, who bumped up John Wall from an 86 in last years game to an 87 in this years edition.The top 10 point-guard ratings in NBA2K16. There was a point last season where Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was not the highest-rated player in the video game franchise NBA 2K16, as Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry had surpassed him about halfwayHe leads Curry by two points, who comes in at 94 overall. Thursday, October 8, 2015. NBA 2K16 Dunk Ratings - Point Guards.LaVine is the only PG who can perform a standing dunk in game Standing Dunk has always been a dunk rating for big men, and you see the same handful of names as with Contact Dunk. Leaks of "NBA 2K17" elites rating has been released and has drawn both good and bad feedback. LeBron James got the highest rating of 96, followed by Stephen Curry who lags two points behind at 94. He will lose 2 rating points, and drop to 94. The Golden State Warriors have achieved a unique feat by having the highest-rated roster ever in the history of NBA, according to 2K Sports.5 NBA stars whose draft positions will shock you.

NBA 2K16 3 Point Shooting Guide. By Hoops Gamer.Your opponent must respect your big men and bring help down low otherwise you will never get an open 3 point shot. The second thing youll want to keep in mind is that corner 3s have a much higher probability of going in than 3s from the Boards. NBA 2K16.at the end of the season report back on your overall percentage. If you consistently take open, high quality (B or A) shots, your three point percentage should eventually average out to be great if you have a high rating. Rose was the eighth best-rated point guard (84), while Butler only trailed NBA MVP runner-up James Harden and NBA title winner Klay Thompson (87) for the highest ratings inPersonally, I have zero gripes with Roses 84 rating in NBA 2K16.Who Will Take the Eastern Conference from LeBron? Are the Nuggets NBA 2K16 Ratings on Point?2K16 Rating: 65. Verdict: Who cares? Green has shown some promising sparks in summer league action but is still clearly the2K15 Rating: 70. 2k16 Rating: 73. Verdict: On point, could be higher.

Barton is a streaky scorer with natural athletic ability. That new player will likely have a high rating like All Round Superstar.You should definetly share this with your friends, this is the best guide for NBA 2k16 out there.Please anyone who can contribute in other languages pay attention to the 2k16 Discussions Community. Four-time MVP LeBron James is once again the highest-rated player in NBA 2K with Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis not far behind.You can look up their ratings here compared to the ones they had in the previous editions of the most popul That is accurately reflected in NBA 2K16, as Harden has a rating of 92.It is interesting that Harden is rated one point higher than former MVP Kevin Durant.Dwight Howard is the third highest rated center in NBA 2K16. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports. NBA 2K16 looks to incorporate a new player rating system, which has seen everybodys stats generally scaled down and condensed.Here are the ten highest rated point guards in NBA 2K16. 2K Sports has now revealed the top 10 highest-rated players for NBA 2K16.Jeff Teague (Atlanta Hawks) - 83. More Point Guard Ratings in NBA 2k16. Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs) - 83. Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns) - 82. NBA 2K16. Home. Answers.Curious, whats the highest you guys have gotten drafted? Originally made a point guard, and was drafted to the 76ers 3rd (in place of Jahlil Okafor)----was projected top 3. The NBA MVP, who helped lead the Golden State Warriors to a league title in June has a 93 player rating in NBA 2K16. Thats three points higher than Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul (90), four more than Oklahoma City Thunders Russell Westbrook (89) Who wins? Paul George, Devin Booker, Kyle Lowry, and Klay Thompson are my final four. Between them, Lowry has the highest stamina, Klay holds the highest three-point rating, and Paul George has theWhat do the NBA LIVE 18 ratings say about the outcome of the NBA Dunk Contest? NBA 2K16 MyCareer guide to help you create the best player with tips, Attributes Cap and MyCareer Connections.Lastly, remember that weight does not have impact on speed or anything like that. MyCareer Tips and Strategies. You should not neglect high school games as these will eventually Id say that I managed to do it, so I am sharing with you below my guide on how to build the best NBA 2K16 PG point guard for a flawless My Career.

Its worth noting that, in order to speed things up, I used the tips I shared here for getting a 99 rating player deanmcmufc wassupjohnathan NBA2K who had a better year last year ?Does that mean he should be the highest rated?wassupjohnathan MindOvaMattaa NBA2K if going off means taking 40 shots to get 30 points in a game and losing then yeah he "went off". Just like the Golden State Warriors this year, you never want to be the guy who has that big of anIf he can finally finish a season injury free, he should be one of the top point guards in the NBA. In NBA 2K16, Bledsoe secured an 82 rating. One of the higher ratings for a player coming off an injury. The team as a whole had one of the highest defense ratings in the league, and the offensive ratings were not too shabby either.NBA Season Preview. Who Will Take the Eastern Conference from LeBron? The NBA MVP Race is the Same as it Ever Was. Fantasy Basketball. Still wondering who are the best players in NBA 2K16?More details about MyCareer mode have been announced and you?ll start your legacy in high school.The top 10 point guards based on their player ratings in the game have already been announced by 2K Sports Fixed an issue that allowed high rated post players to shoot post fadeaway 3s at a highFixed an issue where you could be awarded good foul in your teammate grade when fouling a three-point shooter.MyPLAYERs who have retired from their NBA careers can now access their MyCOURTs. King James is rated at 94 overall, which is just a point higher than the second man on the list, which I wont spoil for you. Go check out the gallery below for the top 10 NBA 2K16 player ratings per position, with the top 10 overall player list at the very end. This had to take a lot of work. Curry is rated 99 in three-point shooting in the gameFrom 30-plus feet — the distance in this video — its a crapshoot, even with someone like Curry, who in the real world has hit 50 percent of his attempts from that rangeNBA 2K16 seems to have no way to react to him. Paul, who rates as a 90 overall, finished second in the point guard rankings behind Stephen Curry (93)Though Curry has likely surpassed Paul as the games premier floor general, the difference is probably closer than three rating points.The 10 overall ratings in NBA2K16. 5 NBA Players Who Have Revitalized Their Careers This Season.NBA Trade Rumors: Top 5 Best Destinations For Kawhi Leonard. 4 Point Guards That Are Better Than Damian Lillard. 10 NBA Players That Retired With The Wrong Team. The Golden State Warriors point guards incredible three point shooting has disrupted the game, and its disrupting video games now, too.For 30 hours, Curry will have a player rating of 99 the highest possible, indicating a perfect athlete. The short window in which NBA 2K16 admits what Game Recognize Game: The 25-Year-Old Math Whiz Behind NBA 2K16s New Player Ratings.But it isnt just the games stars whove had their ratings reappraised.Its a double-edged sword. if you complain about your three-point rating and I see that your mid-range rating looks a little high With NBA 2K16 a new system has been put into place that bases the player ratings on a scale that includes the legends from the history of the league.The most severe drop is Westbrook, who was downgraded by five points. Just missing out on the top 10 is Tony Parker, who finished out NBA Just as a point of reference, thats only three points higher than Ben Simmons, who had never played a game in the NBA and only good enough for seventh among smallRedick has been a solid shooting option for the Clippers since joining the team, though his NBA 2K rating hasnt always reflected that. All you suckers who didnt pre-order will have to wait until next Tuesday.He missed his entire rookie season with an injury. His rating in NBA 2K 15?Russell Westbrook 89 Overall: Westbrook is the third highest point guard, behind Curry and Chris Paul, and the 7 player overall. Players Who Will Have The Highest 3 point rating. NBA 2K17 TOP 5 3 POINT SHOOTERs RATINGS PREDICTIONS!! ft. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Follow me on Twitter DBGyt. While NBA 2K16 is the most impressive NBA game 2K has ever produced, and is arguably the best sports game around, the series continues to offer a lacklustre tutorial section for newcomers, particularly for those new to the sport. Basketball itself is a very intricate, high-intensity sport that can overwhelm 2K Sports has given LeBron James are generous player rating of 94. This puts him slightly above Stephen Curry who received a 93 rating.2K Sports notched everyone down a few points in NBA 2K16. NBA 2K16 has already reached the milestone of 4 million copies shipped, so theres a lot of you basket fans playing the game out there: really glad of that! So, you might need a hand when it comes to getting 99 player rating in My Player in the My Career mode. For each position, I spin the wheel to determine the 3 POINT RATING that player can have!Too Much Sauce: DID YOU KNOW that Tom Brady has a higher chance at playing in the Super Bowl than RussellFor each position, I spin the wheel to determine which NBA TEAM that player has to be on! Stephen Curry is getting closer to that rating, which is no surprise since this season has been great for the Warriors and the star point guard.Currys ability to shoot from anywhere in the court and the things he does every game have impressed fans and studio behind NBA 2K16. There are eight players in NBA 2K16 who are 25 years old or younger who have an overall rating of 86 or above.Wall is blazing fast with a speed rating of 97, which is tops in the game. Irvings speed is just an 87—only one point higher than LeBron James in that category—but few point guards can While we only have the overall ratings for the time being rather than more detailed numbers like mid-range and 3-point shooting ratings, we can imagine Stephen Curry is nearly automatic with his shot that many think is the best in league history.Overall, Curry has a 93 overall rating in NBA 2K16. In fact, the highest rating was a 94, given to a player whose name long has been synonymous with "best in the NBA." The 10 overall ratings in NBA2K 16. What do you think?Thats right. Even Stephen Currys MVP season -- which gave him a four- point jump over his score a year ago The Memphis Grizzlies NBA 2K16 ratings have been revealed. Look below to see where your favorite Memphis Grizzlies players rank in this years edition of NBA 2K.Hes upgraded by 1 point in NBA 2K16. Jeff Greens rating has lowered to a 77 from 78 in NBA 2K15. To qualify for a GameDay, Team/Team Owner must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 2 below and: (i) Own or have access to NBA 2K16 (Game).GameDay Winners will be seeded in the Tournament Bracket based on the best 4-Game Point Total. There will be separate 16-bracket Basketball simulation video game "NBA 2K16" just received an update again after what seemed likeAnd though a one-point increase may not seem so much, the increase in his points has placed theA handful of players are rated higher than him and those are Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Kareem Here are the highest rated three point shooters in NBA 2K16.Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Sep 25, 2015. NBA 2K16: Top 10 Highest-Rated Players Revealed. September 23, 2015.Today we have the list of the highest rated point guards in the game. Who sits at the top isnt much of a surprise. Mike Staffeur of NBA2K tweeted ratings are from the day 1 roster update and have been reflected below.[] BasedAlmighty 7 points8 points9 points 2 years ago (0 children). Im convinced that people who think Pau is rated too high dont actually watch basketball and just play 2k. The release of NBA 2K16 is almost here, and with that comes the release of the player ratings. Earlier this week, 2K released the ratings for the point guards, and there were rumors that MVP and NBA Champion Stephen Curry was rated higher than LeBron James.

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