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What does "teeka" mean in Urdu? wikiHow Contributor. "Teeka" means injection or vaccination. Thanks!Its best to speak slowly if youre traveling to a new area, as that not only prevents any mishaps in communication, but the other person is better likely to understand you, especially if Urdu Meaning and Translation of Well Mannered in Urdu Script and Roman Urdu with Short Information in Urdu, Related, Definition, Wikipedia Reference Urduban . English to Urdu, Urdu to English, Urdu to Urdu, Persian to Urdu Dictionary. Looking for the meaning or definition of the word well-mannered? Here are some definitions.What is the Urdu word for well-mannered? "well-mannered" means having good manners considered as appropriate and complimentary to a person in the society. " well-dressed" means both properly, expensively and attractively dressed. ill mannered meaning in urdu. well mannered meaning in urdu. Tameez means [manners, distinguish] in Urdu. bad () means bad (). Badtameez means [mannerless, unmannered, ill-mannered, immodest]. Sources: Google Translate, Badtameez | Badtameez in English, Meaning of waqoof is used in India manner Meaning and Definition. Result. Urdu Meanings.English definition for manner. 1. n. a way of acting or behaving.

2. n. how something is done or how it happens. 3. n. a kind. Thesaurus. Well-mannered Meaning in Urdu: English Urdu Dictionary English to urdu dictionary and english to urdu translation on internet is really a gift for all those people who want to learn English language in Urdu. You are seeing urdu meaning of english word Well-mannered at Dictionary English to Urdu.Words matching your searched word " Well-mannered " are: well-made, well- mannered, well-meaning, well-met Well Mannered Meaning In Urdu. Not Found. well-mannered (adjective) well-mannered (adjective).

having or showing good manners politePersian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian (Cyrillic) Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swahili Swedish Tamil Thai Turkish Ukrainian UrduMeaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. the,,best,,and,,accurate,,urdu How to say ely in other languages? See comprehensive translations to 40 different langugues on Definitions. Sureely Translation in English to Urdu » Meaning in English is Melodious. Like every other language, Urdu has distinctive words that lose part of their meaning and evocation when translated.It is used as a filler of silence in conversation (hmmm), is often used to praise children—acha bacha (good/kind/ well-mannered child) and to admire everything from cloth, to food Urdu meaning of Manner by English to Urdu dictionary and English to Urdu Sentence Translation with words suggestion Did you mean Spell Checker and other valuable Tools. English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu meanings of Well-Mannered.Well-mannered meaning in urdu. What does well-mannered mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word well-mannered. Information about well-mannered in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. Definition of well mannered - having or showing good manners polite.Words for Places. What does savannah mean? a grassy plain in tropical and subtropical regions.conduct. XXXX. Urdu. Badchalan is an Urdu word, it means of bad conduct/ill-mannered/immoral in English, while in Hindi its called as bura aacharan/ , ashisht/, anaitik/. Well-mannered Meaning in Hindi. There are total 2 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word well-mannered. Its first meaning is which can be transliterated into english as shisht. well-mannered. A civil person observes such propriety of speech and manner as to avoid being rude one who is polite (literally polished) observes more than the necessary proprieties, conforming to all that is graceful, becoming, and thoughtful in the intercourse of refined society.well-meaning. Well-mannered definition: Someone who is well-mannered is polite and has good manners. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. And are we using them in the correct manner? We at Bright Side decided to investigate these questions in detail and now offer you a selection of some of the most famous symbols, the meanings and origins of which remain a mystery to most people. Meaning in English. Badtameez. . rude, offensively impolite or bad- mannered, impolite, insulting.Rude, Offensively Impolite Or Bad-mannered, Impolite, Insulting Meaning in Urdu » . Key Features English bad manners - Meaning in Urdu, what is meaning of bad manners in Urdu dictionary, English Urdu Dictionary - English to Urdu free onlineSee ill-mannered defined for English-language learners. good manner :: . I noticed how well-mannered her children were. Probably name meaning in Urdu, Urdu name meaning are very simple to understand. We have selected some of the Islamic name with their meanings.Adib name means in Urdu/English. Cultured, Well Mannered One. Manner Meaning in Urdu.Words matching your search are: manna, manner, mannerism, mannerist, mannerless, For English to Urdu sentence translation please visit: English to Urdu translation. English to Urdu and English to English meaning and related word and anonyms synonyms.ill-mannered. adjective Bad-tameez is made up of bad-, or rather, bud- and tameez. Bud is Urdu for bad, and tameez is manners. And hence, badtameez, in Urdu, is a person who is ill-mannered, someone who is discourteous, uncivil, and in some cases, even vulgar. Find English word Well meaning in Urdu at UrduWire online English to Urdu dictionary. Well thousands of English and Urdu words Synonyms, definition and meaning. Meaning of WELL-MANNERED. What does WELL-MANNERED mean? Information and translations of WELL-MANNERED in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Bankruptcy Meaning in Urdu, What Does Bankruptcy Mean, Bankruptcy Translation in Urdu. n. 1. Palmistry has been around for thousands of years, and its still popular today. well mannered meaning, definition, what is well mannered: behaving in a pleasant and polite way: . Learn more.Meaning of well mannered in the English Dictionary. Dictionary Definition Translation and Meaning of Well-mannered in Urdu at English into Urdu Dictionary.Well-a-day. Our thesaurus has words to use instead of well-bred. Adjective aristocratic mannerly patrician urbane well-mannered blue-blooded civil considerate courteousMeaning of Well Bred in Urdu - / Meanings - Urdu Its a Best place to find your accurate name meanings in Urdu.Summer plant. Adiba. Well mannered, cultured, polite writer.

Adilah, Adila, Adeela. Equal, just, honest. well-meaning. well-meant. wellness. Well-meaning definition, meaning or intending well having good intentions: a well-meaning but tactless person. See more.well-mannered. Muslim Urdu baby boys names with beautiful meanings that start with Arabic letters for Islamic cute Pakistani and Indian boys, Boys names list 2015 meaning.Adib name means in Urdu/English. Cultured, Well Mannered One. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Well-Mannered but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Well-Mannered is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct you own sentences based on it. Rational meaning in Urdu aqil meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Rational and aqil MeaningSee the most useful Rationally meaning in Urdu along with English definition and sentence s Define well-meaning: having good intentions based on good intentions — well-meaning in a sentence.BROWSE DICTIONARY. well-mannered. well-mannered meaning, definition, what is well-mannered: talking and behaving in a polite way: Learn more.You seem to be a well-mannered fellow. He enjoyed well-mannered, good-looking, and well-to-do undergraduates. polite, courteous, well-mannered, polished manner, wise someone whos knows how to behave/talk etc. i.e. We will discuss this matter with Mr Bilal. He is an urbane person. "URBANE" Urdu Meaning. Mannered Urdu Meaning , Find translation of Mannered Khaas Waza Ka Haamil in Urdu dictionary, the most accurate Urdu conversion of Mannered Word in English to Urdu. English to Urdu Dictioanry is the best source for english to urdu words meaning online using pc and internet connection without keeping dictionary books in pocket.Meaning of Mannered in Urdu. Translate Well mannered to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time.Online Translation > English Translation > Translate Well mannered To Urdu. well meaning in Urdu. (Listen - ).(often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (good is a nonstandard dialectal variant for well). Manner Meaning in Urdu - Dictionary either english or urdu or of any other language plays an important role in learning a language. English dictionary helps us to define words and find their easy meaning in english or in our native language. Adj. 1. well-meaning - not unfriendly or threatening "her well-meaning words were received in silence" "the exasperation of a well-meaning cow worried by dogs".well-mannered.

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