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But assuming he wins the nomination, Trumps bid will be ultimately decided by Americas convoluted presidential voting system, known as the electoral college.Another possibility is that of a multi-candidate mele—if the election really fractures, he says. Hes already starting to assume what hes even calling a general election posture, and I wouldnt be surprised if he does end up winning the nomination.Well, Im out of time, and I really want to address this business that Trump doesnt have a chance in the general, but Ive gotta go. Political prognosticators who first predicted that Trump would never get in the presidential race and, once he got in, that he would quickly fade, are now predicting that he would have little shot of winning the general election should he be the Republican nominee. If Donald Trumps coalition carries him to the GOP nomination, it could produce a crazy-quilt general election that scrambles the conventional wisdom about the battleground state map. The Electoral College landscape has been fairly stable over the past four presidential elections Trump must win every state Mitt Romney did in 2012 -- plus an additional 64 electoral votes."I really think he has an opportunity with working class Democrats, who we knew yearsPennsylvania strategist Mark Harris believes the cards are stacked against Trump in the general election. Beating Donald Trump wont be as easy as it might look.The mix works: Casey won re-election in 2012 -- the first Democratic senator in Pennsylvania to do so in half a century -- and ran well ahead of President Barack Obama that year. Why Donald Trump is poised to win the nomination and lose the general election, in one poll.People who really want Bernie Sanders to win really dont like Hillary Clinton right now (and if you dont believe me, just ask them) — just as people who really wanted Hillary Clinton to win in 2008 really Now that the Nevada dust has settled to reveal a towering statue of Trump, you may be nervously asking yourself: What happens if he really does go on to win the nomination? Hillary Clinton would crush him in the general election, right? They really cant. The only thing that has given Hillary any traction is full blown hysterical panic mongering hinting that Trump is Hitler.can trump win? theoretically, yes. practically? no. it was going to be a tough election for a good gop candidate. the electoral college map.does not favor them All things being equal, Trump would have a tougher time in the general election were he to become the Republican nominee than Mitt Romney had. The student loan issue, however, could change the game, and Trump happens to be in a very unique position to capitalize.

Blockchain Stocks Are Next! This post Can Trump Really Win the Election? appeared first on Daily Reckoning.Gowdy Attorney General DOJ? Q Continues to Expose and Warn! Wait Until You Hear This! Let me tell you, neither Cruz nor Trump can win the general election," Kasich said Wednesday on TODAY. "They cant come in to Ohio with the philosophy they have and win. You cant win Ohio, you cant be president. For example, Trump won both the South Carolina and Michigan primaries, but in the general election in those states there will likely be twice as many voters as the number that voted in the primary (counting both Republican and Democratic primary voters). Donald Trump really could win the general election by being the first Republican in years to gain a significant percentage of the African-American vote. He just has to make a serious and sustained effort, with genuine proposals, to do it. How Trump Can Win the General Election.

I dont take it as a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination this year, but its looking more likely than ever with his new pause on Muslim immigration so popular with GOP voters. In Tuesdays election, Trump won the Electoral College by achieving narrow wins in several large states that had previously voted for President Obama, including Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump was formally launched on June 16, 2015, at Trump Tower in New York City. Trump was the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election, having won the most state primaries, caucuses Finally, they said there was no way he could compete for, let alone win, a general election. Now hes President-elect Trump. Here are five ways he pulled off what was unexpected by most and incomprehensible to many. Five times men have achieved the presidency as their first elective office, but three of them were military heroes and the other two had served as presidential cabinet secretaries.Yes, Trump could win the Republican nomination. Could he win the general election and become president? For example, Trump won both the South Carolina and Michigan primaries, but in the general election in those states there will likely be twice as many voters as the number that voted in the primary (counting both Republican and Democratic primary voters). 3.There is a path for Donald Trump to win the electoral college.The arc of a presidential campaign is often set long before key general election events like last nights debate. Although general election polls this far out tend to not be entirely accurate, so far Trump is nowhere close to catching up to Clinton.

Only Trump can win New York and reverse the electoral math for Republicans. "Reagan really got young people going." While it would be unlikely, it is possible that Trump could defy history again and win states RepublicansOne of the biggest reasons why hes been successful in the primary is the same reason he could be successful in the Pennsylvania general election, Lord said. Michael Moore: Heres how Donald Trump can win the general election. Jason Guerrasio."Theres no satirical film that I could make that would be more entertaining than the actual thing youre witnessing in real time," Moore said. For Trump, family is foremost general-election finances are still remarkably lacking and that final group remains infinitesimal, given how big the Washington establishment actually is.He doesnt really want to be president unless he can win it without really working at it. Because the fact that the guy has shown zero aptitude for understanding policy means that in a general election hed need to provide some real specifics about what he intends toBut if youre a Republican whos really interested in winning, Trump starts making more and more sense as a nominee. The truth is, Trump really cant win.Right now the only vote Trump has locked down is the fairly uneducated and angry white vote, which isnt enough to win in the general election. Throughout this primary season, Ive had an ongoing fight with a co-worker about whether Donald Trump could win the general election.To cover my bases, I tried to set benchmarks that I thought would be really difficult for Trump to meet: He would have to pull within five points of Hillary Clinton in From Goldman. Will Trump win the nomination?Trump has the advantage. What about a contested convention? The arcane rules of the Republican nomination process consist of four general stages Secretariat didnt really win the Triple Crown either the competing horses just ran slower. Henry Hawkins | January 22, 2016 at 12:40 pm.AND. Silvers assessment that Trump would struggle in the general election is borne out by the latest polling. How can Trump win?Did Trump really expect to win? How could Donald Trump win a general election? Why Donald Trump is winning the Republican nomination now? On July 24, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore listed five reasons why Donald Trump would win the 2016 election. Moores post was like a punch in the gut to Democrats as Trump edged ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls the same week. Can Trump Really Win the Election? Bernie Sanders is a self-declared socialist, a Marxist who wants you on a government commune living as a peasant. Have you ever wondered why hes become so popular in America, a capitalist country? Its no mystery. Can Donald Trump really win the general election in November?But assuming Clinton is the Democratic candidate and there is no significant terrorist attack before election day, can Trump win in November? Trump cant win a general election by repeatedly attacking and insulting the majority of voters (women).Trump needs to map out how he is going to win both the necessary constituencies and the swing states that can get him to 270 electoral votes or more. One theme in these stories is that the GOP donor class seems to have persuaded itself that Trump might not be such a bad general election candidate.But Trump would start at a disadvantage: Most Americans just really dont like the guy. Trump is winning in the Republican race, but the Republican party is mostly white, a voting demographic that is shrinking nationally. The General Election Is Different Than the Primaries.Im just hopeful that a decisive defeat by the entire country will remind us what we really stand for. Can Trump Close the Gap With Suburban Women? Trump begins the general election campaign trailing badly among female voters, putting him at a disadvantage in numerous states.Mitt Romney won independents by 5 points and still lost. Do we really think Donald Trump is going to do better? Could Trump win the general election? What about Ben Carson? Or Marco Rubio?24 LISTS 2016 ElectionLists about the raging school bus fire from which you couldnt look away and that will haunt the United States until its dying day - which could really be any day now. In the general election, Trump didnt run his campaign in any sort of traditional way. He was outspent in campaign ads by Clinton by 3 to 1, and he had a small, disorganized ground game up against the Clinton election machine. Its really too bad we cant come up with a better Republican than what is the line up this election. I would like to see Sanders win but realistically I dont know if he has a chance. Trump won 30 different states in the 2016 general election.We ended up with a very strange Democratic primary in which Clinton really only ran against two people: a governor few people had ever heard of and a man who isnt even a Democrat, Bernie Sanders. Over and over, Donald Trump is saying one word: Brexit. We will win, he told a rally in Pennsylvania on Friday.There has been a string of polling failures: the Israeli election, the Scottish independence referendum and the last UK general election.For Clinton supporters to really sit back and relax This post was contributed by a representative of Montgomery Investment Management Pty Limited (AFSL No. 354564) and may contain general financial advice that is prepared without taking intoHi Andrew, Jeff Gundlach thinks Trump will win not that hes a professional political analyst! However, if its Bernie, I think thats more of a challenge, but Trump can still win the general election. In this video, I showcase the electoral map and explain which states I believe Trump will win and why. People might not believe it, but I think Trump can really win the presidency and win So I called up six pollsters and asked them to really consider the seemingly ridiculous: If Trump won the nomination, could he actually win the presidency?When I first asked Greenberg whether Trump could win a general election, he said, "No, he cant." Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College with 304 votes compared to 227 votes for Hillary Clinton. Seven electors voted for someone other than their partys candidate. Many wrote off his chances of winning a single primary, let alone the Republican nomination. A record breaking 14 million votes later and months at the top of the GOP ticket, many still didnt give Trump the slightest chance in the general election. Donald Trump Can Win The White House.Now I see the real estate billionaire as the second most likely to win the Republican nomination, narrowly behind [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore], and as a real contender to beat Hillary Clinton should he face her in the general election. That brings us back to the next question facing Republicans: Can Trump actually win the general election?As it happens, I recently argued that Trump really does have a path to the presidency, albeit a very narrow one.

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