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I just left a message on the Johnny Rowland site asking about hard cast bullets.For more load data Google .460 Rowland load data. Im sure youll find more. In 1996, Rowland worked with Starline Brass to finalize the physical dimensions of the cartridge, then later with Clark Custom Guns to design a conversion kit for specific versions of the 1911. First production shipments of ammunition and conversion kits were in 1998. The 460 Rowland case is Does the 10 mm out penetrate the .460 Rowland with the hard cast loads (220 255grn)? I am looking for an Auto back up for bear and hog- when bow hunting. On paper the specs look to close to call, so I was wondering if you have compare them? Site links:460rowland.com » Whos Domain :460rowland.com » Hosting Provider: 460rowland.com.460 rowland loading data. I am in the process of changing the gun from 45ACP to 460 Rowland. There will be no chance of loads getting mixed up, and the brass will be better suited for theseInfact most of the data they list for the 45 win mag is slower bullet weight for bullet weight then the 460 rowland. Anyway, loading data for the Rowland load is available at.8.5 grains of Alliant Power Pistol Kings 180-grain truncated cone cast bullet (21 Brinnell hardness) CCI 300 Large Pistol Primer Cleaned range brass OAL 1.255".

240-260 grain is heavy for caliber even with 460 Rowland. I know a cast bullet in that weight range at around 1200 fps should give decent penetration.Ive found a few guys in AK who carry them as well, and they offered to share load data with me. When he ordered it off the internet (460rowland.com) The website stated that it was a drop in kit for certain guns.Maybe not that direct of a link, but the Remmies are cast. I know they are wellThe same conversion on a Springer parkerized Loaded I had back in the day had Site links: www.460rowland.com » Whos Domain : www.460rowland.com » Hosting Provider: www.

460rowland.com.460 rowland kits for 1911. Clark custom 460 rowland conversion. Anyway, loading data for the Rowland load is available at.8.5 grains of Alliant Power Pistol Kings 180-grain truncated cone cast bullet (21 Brinnell hardness) CCI 300 Large Pistol Primer Cleaned range brass OAL 1.255". Free Download Here 500 load data data.hodgdon.com 460 Rowland Load Type: Accuracy load Bullet Powder Starting loadwww.pdfsdocuments2.com/h/55/hodgdon-cast-bullet-load-data.pdf View Online Down. 460 Rowland 1911 Hand Cannon: Conversion Kits, Load data, completed projects | See more about Custom Guns, Clarks and Custom 1911. The .460 Rowland cartridge was designed and trademarked by Johnny Ray Rowland, host of The Shooting Show. The development of the 460 Rowland cartridge is attributed to his friend Jim Clark of Clark Custom Guns. Ive decided to undertake a new .460 Rowland conversion project since I have never been able to get the Glock conversions to run 100 with the heavy hard cast lead loads from Underwood and Double Tap. Blue Bullets, anyone used these? Polyer coated lead cast bullets460 Rowland 1911 Hand Cannon: Conversion Kits, Load data, completed "Boy, does that gun shoot!" was his comment. And how right he is. Whether with jacketed or hard cast bullets, the .460 Rowland will shoot.For more information on the .460 Rowland, guns, conversions, loaded ammo, or data, readers can contact Johnny Rowland at The Shooting Show, 327 Irvin The .460 Rowland case is longer than the nominal .900 of the .45 Auto but has no none nada zip extra capacity. The . 460 Rowland is loaded to the same OAL as the .45 Auto to fit the same magazines and feed and extract from the same pistols. The 460 Rowland with its much higher operating pressure is vastly different and appears to be the data that I want to use as my baseline.In the future I will likely try out some other manufacturers data. It seems to me that a good cast bullet would be ideal for these Ruger only 45 Auto loads and would 1001519123 Buffalo Bore 460 Rowland ammunition is loaded with the highest quality components to produce great accuracy and performance.Buffalo Bore Ammunition 460 Rowland 255 Grain Hard Cast Lead Flat Nose Box of 20. The .45ACP/.460 Rowland cartridges cannot both be fired in the .460 barrel, however, even though the bullet diameter .451 is the same, because semi-auto cases head space onI selected 185 gr JHP loads from Georgia Arms, and 230gr JHP and 255gr Hard Cast Flat Nose loads from Buffalo Bore. I saw some lead data on loaddata.com but am not a subscriber. Can I use a lead round at this velocity?for serious use in the .460 Rowland and economize all the way with lighter loads for cast bullets so I use .45 Auto cases and barrels - or 9mm cases and barrels. Add to that other non-mentioned possible factors (what the heck is a standard 45acp round, what weight is he using, how hot is the load, is it an fmj, jhp, etc?) and his attempts to smoothly sell how much better the . 460 Rowland is, in every way 460 rowland load data.460 rowland conversion kits sale. Caliber: 460 Rowland. Bullet Weight: 255 Grains. Bullet Style:Hi -Tek Coated Hard Cast Flat Nose 21 BHN.Randy Rowell January 30, 2015. How could anyone carrying a .460 Rowland around in the field NOT choose this load! This is a very potent and reliable round. .460 Rowland reloading data with 51 loads./ .460 Rowland. Warning! Notes: Be careful with AAC-7 loads. It seems the burn rate has changed, and there appears to be more than one generation currently in the supply line. 460 Rowland Load Data Needed Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting.Load data for the 460 Rowland 460 Rowland, all bullet weights Bullet: Powder Weight: Powder: Velocity: OAL: Primer. I use unique powder so had to extrapolate a load as most data was for A/A powder. Then you have the " cha-ching " factor of the cash register. Expensive brass and bullets and it has to be hard on your 45 frame as it really goes ka-boom. All Load Data. 460 Rowland 10 mm 10mm Magnum 22 Hornet 221 fireball 223 Remington 25 ACP 257 JDJ 30 Carbine 30 Herrett 30 Luger 30 Mauser 30 REECE 30-30 WinchesterHandloads.Com neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any data. LOAD DATA. Work up to these loads and if you choose to increase any of them please go very, very slowly460 Rowland, 5" barrel, by Ken Kempa. Reduce all loads by 10, then work up slowly. All loads use .460 Starline brass, Winchester Large Pistol primers. Please discuss 460Rowland Reloading Data specifically for the AR45/Carbines in this thread. please be as specific as you can - brl length, suppressor or not, DI/blowback, how the load functions the weapon, etc. 460 rowland shoots dream hits , The mighty .460 rowland cartridge delivers true .44 magnum power, accuracy and range in your favorite, light-weight, easy shooting, .45 caliber auto- loading pistol. 460 magnum load data - handloads Load data for the 460 sw magnum. Sig Sauer Scorpion with Cerakote and Rowland .460 ConversionGlock 30 460 Rowland Conversion Review Using High Capacity MagazinesHigh quality[citation needed] 1911 auto-loading pistols are manufactured by many different Site links: 460rowland.com » Whos Domain : 460rowland.com » Hosting Provider: 460rowland.com.460 rowland loading data. This is from a 5 barrel length and is a high pressure cartridge. If you are shooting a standard load from a 4 barrel, the story will be slightly less positive.Ammunition Performance Data Sheet Buffalo Bore 460 Rowland 230gr XTP JHP (Item 35B). Our current loading manual includes cast bullet data for those cartridges that you have requested most often460 ROWLAND The 460 Rowland is based on the .45 Winchester Magnum case with a length 1/16" longer than that of the standard .45 ACP. The .460 Rowland case is approximately 1/16" (.0625 inches (1.59 mm)) longer than a conventional .45 ACP. However, the overall cartridge length of the . 460 Rowland is the same as the .45 ACP as the bullet is seated a bit deeper460 Rowland Handload Data. I will say, the .460 Rowland sounds interesting. Personally I think if I were going for a high power semi-auto, Id more likely get a 10mm because of the same reasons, availability of firearms, availability of reloading data, etc. .460 Rowland loads. OK, a couple of comments before I go further: those are approximate chrono readings because I wasnt being anywhere near as careful as we are when we do formalReprise: Converting a Glock 21 to .460 Rowland « Ballistics by the inch on .45 Super data now published. Load data 460 rowland, the mighty 460 rowland cartridge delivers true 44 magnum power accuracy and range in your favorite light-weight easy shooting 45 caliber auto- loading pistol.460 s w magnum load data - handloads com, load data for the 460 s w magnum. Reloading it fairly simple? Any hard cast lead loads with gas checks or is it too much oomph?I have a good friend in Montana who regularly carries a 1911 in .460 rowland. I believe that he does use hard cast projectiles, although as far as I know he has yet to use it on a critter. 460 Rowland Load Data Needed Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t497958460 Rowland (Accurate Loading Guide 2) reloading data with 26 loads. Using bullets from Hornady JHP, Nosler JHP, Hornady XTP, Speer JHP. Conversions Extras MORE INFO About Us Blog Potential Conversions Load Data Dealers FAQ VIDEOS CONTACT MY ACCOUNT CART About Us Contact 0 SHOP NOW ONLY TRUE AUTHENTIC 460 Rowland? Photo: 460 rowland load data. Related topics460 rowland cast load data. .460 Rowland Results in fps. Click here for a Muzzle Energy graph for the tests in this caliber.Furthermore, the data is provided purely for entertainment purposes - to better facilitate arguments over what ammo or caliber or gun is "best." Here is a good read about cast bullets in a 1911 .460Rowland. Taffin tests the . 460 rowland.I am scared to use 7 powder after all of the kaboom stories I have seen researching the 10mm and . 460 Rowland load data. I reload the 460 and never shoot full power loads.Only considering the 460 Rowland for Deer season and then I switch back to .45ACP the rest of the time. The Mighty .460 Rowland Cartridge delivers true .

44 Magnum power, accuracy and range in your favorite, light-weight, easy shooting, .45 caliber auto- loading pistol.460 Rowland. 21 February at 10:26 . This is one tough, 255gr Hard Cast Lead bullet! With a Brinell hardness of 24, this deadly Note: If You find any Copyright Image Please Contact Us Immediately Copyright Content Report We will remove it within 24-48 hours. 460 ROWLAND Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo.I Want your valuable and proprietary load data for free.Differences Between Lead Hard Cast Bullets. Use of p and p ammo in micro sized semi automatic pistols. Cast Bullet by Firearm. General Reference. Classic Works.Cartridges is the Load Database. 10mm Auto. 32-40 Winchester.22 Hornet. 340 Weatherby Magnum. 460 Rowland.

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