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Hong Kong as a tax haven relies on its financial services sector which has services such as offshore banking and the incorporation of businessConsidering that the tax levied in the jurisdiction is at the low rate of 17.5. Taxation for companies incorporated in Hong Kong is based in territory. Business outside Hong Kong is tax-free (Hong Kong Offshore status). Hong Kong Offshore Company Formation requires local secretaryFurthermore, give the proposal company names so that we can check the eligibility of company name in Hong Kong Companies Registry system. Why Choose Hong Kong as an Offshore Tax Haven.Hong Kong is a well-known and respected jurisdiction that is not blacklisted anywhere. Forming a Hong Kong company through our special service allows you to obtain an account in Hong Kong with one of the largest financial institutions in To be incorporated in Hong Kong, a new company must obtain a certificate of incorporation from the Companies Registry.Specified types of income from offshore funds managed outside Hong Kong are exempt from profits tax. Hong Kong companies do not pay taxes on offshore activities, i.e. on companys operations outside of Hong Kong. Read further on Hong Kong offshore companies. Tax system facts. Bank account for hong kong company. The tax system in Hong-Kong. Good to Know.Modern offshore legislation. Standard currency. Hong Kong tax regulations allow foreigners to register companies in Hong Kong which can be legally exempt from Hong Kong corporate income tax.Please read the page below for further details on the advantages of doing business with a Hong Kong offshore company. The companys foreign income from out of Hong Kong is also not taxable because there are no foreign controls in the country.

Therefore, an offshore company in Hong Kong is free to do business with any country in the world without worrying about tax liabilities. Offshore company taxation in Hong Kong. A characteristic of the Hong Kong tax system is that taxes are levied on a territorial level: they do not apply to income that does not originate from Hong Kong.Options for offshore company formation in Hong Kong. Tax Free: Hong Kong does not tax its companies on income or profits earned offshore.There are no restrictions on foreigners forming companies in Hong Kong and no residency requirements for directors and shareholders. Register your company in HONG KONG for ONLY 99 USD Government fee.NIL Profit Tax Return. 0 rate of Income Tax applies if the company has not commenced business. Offshore Tax Exemption.

hong kong company formation. Offshore Company Incorporation.BVI Company. Taxation. Corporate profts tax rate is 16.5 in average for business operated in hong kong. Easier to get tax exemption if the business is operated offshore. Advantages of Opening Offshore Company in Hong Kong. Key factors. Fees.Taxation Corporate tax in Hong Kong is based on a territorial basis. only profits which arise in or derived from Hong Kong are subject to 16.5 tax in Hong Kong. Offshore company is generally used for the purpose of tax planning, acting as a holding company, and offshore listing, etc.For an offshore company Hong Kong, the appropriate papers have got to be filed. As such, you need to have a clear understanding of the rights and obligations that The global community regards Hong Kong as a legal (non-offshore) state. Hong Kong is not listed in any blacklists which means that your companyProfits tax for companies active in Hong Kong is 16,5. To be exempted from profits tax the Hong Kong company should match the following criteria Although Hong Kong has a corporate tax rate of 17.5, companies only pay tax on income from activity in Hong Kong. This means that offshore companies, having their activity outside Hong Kong, do not pay any tax. Startup registry Hong Kong offers the most efficient and low cost company formation and registration in Hong Kong.Offshore Tax Exemption. 0 rate of Income Tax applies if the income comes from outside Hong Kong. Register your new Hong Kong company in a minute! Hong Kong has no status as an offshore jurisdiction, and the company profit and operating in Hong Kong are subject to tax for profits at a rate of 16.5. Why how open hong kong offshore company?There is no taxes on dividends for a Hong Kong private limited company. Hong Kong companies are only subjected to profits tax if profits are derived from Hong Kong at the rate of 16.5 of the net profits. Although Hong Kong does not have any specific law that governs offshore company formation, it is one of the most popular jurisdictions for setting up an offshore company owing to its low tax regime, absence of foreign exchange controls, political and economic stability Company in Hong Kong can benefit from a taxation regime, which means that Hong Kong companies can be used for international trade without paying Hong Kong tax.Hong Kong offshore company. 0 tax. For holding/trading uses. Hong Kong is able to offer 0 tax for offshore companies because they get a significant amount of revenue from land value.The other tax benefit to setting your company up in Hong Kong is that Hong Kong corporations receive more liberal write-offs. Hong Kong Company Formation. Offshore Bank Account Opening.In other word, a company who carries on a business in Hong Kong but derives profits from another place is not required to pay tax in Hong Kong on those profits. Companies and individuals (sole proprietors) carrying out business in Hong Kong will be liable to Profits Tax provided that the profits are sourced in HongHalf of the original rates will be charged on concessionary receipts including income derived from qualifying debt instruments and offshore Hong Kong tax system is quite simple, Hong Kong ranks No 1 in The Heritage Foundation 2015 for economic business freedom. Your company is offshore: if you dont do business in and from Hong Kong, as example if your suppliers are in China and your clients in Europe Many accountants in Hong Kong may tell you to wait to file the offshore tax return until the first year.Hows it going? I personally dont use this option, as I am a local HK company with sales and business happening on the ground in Hong Kong. We are an audit firm of Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants (Firm Registration No. 0889) providing one-stop professional Hong Kong offshore company formation services and annual maintenance, including auditing, accounting, tax consultancy, virtual office trademark registration. Accordingly, profits derived by offshore PE Funds from investing in private companies could be subject to Hong Kong profits tax. To develop Hong Kong into a full-service asset management hub, the Bill was introduced to allow offshore PE Funds to access the Offshore Funds Exemption and Hong Kong has a very simple taxation system: your company will have to pay 16.5 tax on all profit. If the director/s of the company doesnt live in Hong Kong (and other conditions apply), you can then apply for off-shore company status. Company accounts must be annually audited by a Hong Kong CPA. Tax Returns.A shelf company is an option for setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong that is simpler and faster than otherwise (not to be confused with a so-called shell company) and is provided by a third party How to choose your Offshore Companies in Hong Kong ?b) Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) - This Act was enacted by US Government that the list of the countries in the FATCA will share the bank information back to US Tax Authority. Income derived from offshore activities is exempt from taxation. Taxes are charged on a territorial basis. A company incorporated in Hong Kong, but conducting a business and having a source of income beyond, is exempt from any taxes. company registration in Hong Kong consultations regarding annual maintenance, tax planning and various offshore solutions shelf-companies nominee directors and shareholders bank account opening, accounting services, compliance with statutory accounting requirements. Tax Return For Hongkong Company. Tax Rates of Profits Tax.In this case, as the selling and buying investment products were carried out outside Hong Kong, the profits are offshore source and so are not subject to Hong Kong profits tax. Hong Kong is not an offshore centre in the traditional sense of the word but rather a territory which offers a non-discriminatory low tax regime governed byThe establishment of an office in Hong Kong does not of itself render a company liable to profits tax where that office is not generating profits from All Hong Kong companies can do business in and out of the jurisdiction. The Hong Kong offshore company is a good business company which is well recognized worldwide. These companies are used mainly by clients wishing to reduce on tax liabilities and for asset protections as well as estate Offshore4Asia offers the most efficient and low cost company formation and registration in Hong Kong.Taxation: Hong Kongs basis of taxation is territorial in nature. This means that tax is ONLY charged on income sourced in Hong Kong. Company formation in Hong Kong and Singapore Offshore corporate services.Audit and Accounting. Legal Services. Tax Planning. Still the companies, which do not gain their profit in Hong Kong are not taxed, such companies can be referred as the offshore entities. Having a well-developed infrastructure along with strong regulatory system make Hong Kong the main successive offshore jurisdiction. A company in Hong Kong is a perfect solution if you need a reputable company under a respectable jurisdiction.Hong Kong is not an offshore territory in the classical sense of the phrase it is a free port with a low tax burden. If the recipient of the payment is a related offshore licensing company the Hong Kong company must withhold and hand over 1.75 of the fee paid over. Income from the international operations of shipping companies is exempt from tax unless the ships are operating in Hong Kong waters or A Hong Kong company provides a respectable tax-efficient jurisdiction for trade and investment.An offshore company is a tax effective and confidential solution for trading and investment, benefits includes Offshore companies can be used as investment vehicles in Hong Kong. Investors benefit from a low taxation regime and a number of double tax treaties which If a Hong Kong companys business activities take place entirely outside of Hong Kong it qualifies for an Offshore Profits Tax Exemption granted by the Hong Kong tax authority which results in the companys profits being tax-free in Hong Kong. Hong Kong offshore company is not a separate or special company that is incorporated as in an offshore tax haven, but rather a regular Hong Kong.In the event that a Hong Kong company intends to do business in Hong King, this too is possible. Log Off. 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Hong Kong Company formation services, such as this one, can get your company established quickly and easily and at a reasonable cost.So, as long as the corporation retains its offshore status by not conducting business in Hong Kong, no taxes are levied. Hong kong offshore company formation benefits, a hong kong offshore pany differs hong kong corporation offshore pany pays taxes corporation pays corporate tax rate 16 5 tax exemption based in e earned hong kong hong kong offers easier access mainland chinese market asian countries Only those profits which arise in or are derived from Hong Kong are liable to profits tax in Hong Kong. Here are some examples where the profits derived by a Hong Kong company may be treated as offshore sourced and non-taxable in Hong Kong There is no offshore legislation in Hong Kong, all companies are incorporated under the same legislation regardless. However companies that do not derive income from Hong Kong are not subject to tax, thereby effectively making it an zero tax option.

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