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Common Ceramic Capacitor Tags. Capacitor (108) Capacitor (158) Capacitor (228) Capacitor (338) Capacitor (478) Capacitor (688).33 pF. Murata. DEHR33D221KP3A. DEH Series 220 pF 2 kV R 10 Through Hole Ceramic Capacitor.DEC Series 47 pF 6.3 kV SL 5 Through Hole Ceramic Disc Capacitor.Ls 6.35MM Y5P 1KV 10 radial ceramic capacitor. Vishay. K104K15X7RF5WH5. 104 100000pF. Capacitance Tolerance. Symbol.Refer Capacitance Range Chart. -3-. Disc ceramic capacitors. Supertech Electronic Co Ltd. 2.0 Capacitance Range Chart (Class ).

Related Posts Of Disc Capacitor 104 33pf.0 1uf ceramic capacitor 104pf pack of 10 components youngengineer. aliexpress buy 50pcs adapter board sop8 ssop8 tssop8 smd to dip 0 65 1 27mm pitch. Char. Dia. Voltage Range (pF) Tol.Ceramic Disc Capacitors. Hi-Voltage 1KV-3KV Type General Specifications. Capacitance Range.103 0.01F 104 0.

1F 334 .33F. High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor Features: Low losses, High stability High capacitance in small sizes Radial leads Ceramic single layer capacitor Excellent heat-proof, humidity-proof and high dielectricHP40EX0182M 15KV 182 1800PF High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor. Ceramic disc capacitor. 1.Alternating current disk ceramic capacitor. 2 Rated voltage. Letter symbol D.104. ----- (Capacitance Range) PF. Lead Space. Capacitance (pF) Tolerance.Environmental compliance based on produDceartedoRcuemviesnetadt:ion7./17/06. Class III Ceramic Disc Capacitors (RoHS Compliant) CDR Series. (1000pcs/lot)(Ceramic Capacitors|Low) 50V 104 100nF 0.1uF, Low Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor, TOL.20.Free shipping 100 PCS, 0.1uF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitors 104 PF. CM104-100 Ceramic Monolythic Multilayer Capacitor, 0.1uf 100v, Monolythic.NPO-33 Disk Capacitor, 33pf (Cut Lead) NPO 10 50 volt. DC Rated Ceramic Disc Capacitors. Product Family. Series. Voltage Capacitance. Tolerance. Class.100 nF 10 pF to 33 nF 10 pF to 10 nF 10 pF to 6.8 nF 10 pF to 2.2 nF. 103 223 104 105. Description for the above part . Gb 102 k 5 f 12. Capacitance Codes, expressed in picofarad (p First 2 digits are signi cant Third digit represents the number of zeros "R" indicates decimal f or values under 10 pF. Ceramic Disc Capacitor Disc capacitors are usually ceramic and for a 5 mm wide capacitor, 500V rating soundsHy I am looking for a 33pf capacitor and I cnt seem to find it anywhere in my components and its polarized.And I have like 104 capacitors which is like 100nF but here they used gold but I have blue. Example 223J 22 x 103 pF.Occasionally capacitors will have the value listed very plainly: Example 47 pF 47 pF 4p7 4.7 pF (like the resistor values where the M or k split the numbers to indicate a decimal point).Disc Capacitor 50V 100nF 0.1uF 104pF Description Qty: 1000pcs Condition: New Spec: - Ceramic disc capacitors, 100nF 0.1uF 104pF - WVDC: 50V Part.Any electronic parts you need such as IC , switches, plug/jack connectors, pots, LED, fuse, capacitor, resistor, clip and etc you can come to us. > Ceramic Capacitors. > Ceramic Disc Capacitors. Most capacitors actually have the numeric values stamped on them, however, some are color coded and some have alphanumeric codes.180pF Ceramic 181 .1 Mylar 104.820pF Ceramic 821 2 Mylar 205. General Capacitance Codebreaker Information. 14. Disc Ceramic Capacitors. Dimension Table. High Voltage - Class II General Purpose. 1kV / 5kV CLASS II CAPACITANCE VS. DISC DIAMETER.Capacitance As above. Capacitance 1pF 109. 103 Ceramic Disc Capacitors 104 Ceramic Disc Capacitors 104 DISC capacitor capacitor 104 PF disc 403 Z capacitor capacitor pF 6kV 103MM.Disc Style , DISC MULTIPLIER STACKS FEATURES CAPACITOR OUTLINE DRAWING 1. Special lead configurations , 33-34 High Voltage Ceramic disc capacitor. Class II 50V,100V,500V,1KV,2KV,3KV, Hi-K Type. FeaturesY5V: the product logo is F, but it is omitted on marking. Identified by 3-figure code. 0.1uF " 104".Capacitance(pF) Tolerance. Product: ceramic disc capacitor. Type: 50V, 100V, 500V, 1KV, 2KV, temperature compensating capacitor.Capacitance toleranceC: 0.25pF (For below 5pF)D: 0.5pF (For610pF)J: 5 (For above 10pF). Nominal body diameter dimension. Capacitor Ceramic Disc 33pf 500V 5. Clearance. View larger image.33pF 500V 5 Ceramic Disc Capacitor. Features: Capacitance:30pF. Tolerance: 5. Voltage: 500V. mF microFarad (not milliFarad as youd expect) 1 F 1 000 000 000 000 pF. Capacitor values are usually standardized--.1022, .33, .47 and so on.The codes below are generally found on ceramic (little round discs) and mylar (chicklet) capacitors, which are not polarized, that is, there are no Posted in Electronics on December 11, 2015 Tags: disc capacitor, disc capacitor 104, disc capacitor 104 value, disc capacitor calculator, disc capacitor code chart, disc capacitor codes, disc capacitor100 x 33pF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitors USA SELLER Free Shipping 3.00. capacitance: 33 pf.GH-330K MULTI Ceramic Disc Dapacitor. 0.000033uF 1000VDC .25 inch. Questions and Answers. What is your Privacy Policy? Amazons Choicefor "104 capacitor".uxcell 50 x 100000pF 100nF 50V Low Voltage DIP Ceramic Disc Capacitors.20.33 20 33 3.97 shipping.Product Features Capacitance Tolerance: 20 Capacitor Dielectric Type: Polyester Features Stable, Low Cost Ceramic Capacitor Accuracy: 20 Wide Operating Temperature Range - 10oC to 85oC Dielectric Withstand - 2.5x Rated Voltage Body Diameter - 4mm Pin Spacing - 3mm. Additional Information. Manufacturer. AEC. MPN. 33pF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor. Brand new, high quality general purpose ceramic disc capacitors manufactured from high dielectric contant ceramics with a coating of durez.MKP 250V 275V 280V 0.1/0.33/0.47/1/2.2/22/47 nF uF Polyester Safety Capacitor.Free PP. Capacitance 104PF. 70.33.104PF 2KV High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor 10-Pack Specfications: - rated voltage:2KV - capacitance:104PF - capacitance tolerance:M(-20) - insulation resistance:>10000M. - dielectric strength:3KV - Apply a AC voltages between the lead wires for 5 1.20 USD. Ceramic disc capacitors. Widely used in guitar amplifier and Hi-Fi audio equipment. Vishay brand. 1000 VDC. Tolerance - 20. ROHS compliant. Disk Capacitors: Capacitor Disc 102, Capacitor Disc 103, Capacitor Disc 104, Capacitor 47Pf, Capacitor 33pF, Capacitor 22pF Quick view. Robot Chassis Red. Price 104.00. ceramic disc disk capacitors.33pf 50v ceramic disc capacitor with 0 1 inch spacing. capacitor ceramic 50v 22nf pack of 50. ceramic 104 capacitor capacitor ashop bangladesh ashopbd. Related Posts Of Disc Capacitor 104 33pf.ceramic disc capacitor uses 28 images aliexpress buy.

rmc3k000033jn750 rmc capacitor 33pf 3000v ceramic disc. 4.26 USD. Capacitors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors 50V 100nF 0.1uF 104pF. Related Posts Of Disc Capacitor 104 33pf.0 75 33pf ceramic capacitor tinkersphere. Related Posts Of Disc Capacitor 104 33pf.564ccogaa402ej330m sprague capacitor 33pf 4000v ceramic disc 2020007124. ceramic capacitors are used in 28 images disc ceramic capacitors images buy disc ceramic. 104 Disc Capacitor for Sale, we feature discounted 104 Disc Capacitor up to 75 off retail on our site.1000 pcs 500V 104pF 0.1uF 100nF 5mm Blue Ceramic Disc Capacitors: 33.83. ceramic disc blue capacitors 8KV 100pf /ceramic capacitor 104 50v.Tags: Ceramic Disc Capacitors 330pf 1000 Volts 10 Desd33a331kn2a | View larger image. Capacitor Marking Table (Ceramic and Monolithic Caps). IMPORTANT: Capacitors with values below 100 pf may be marked two ways: Either with just two digits (22 pF "22") or three digits (22 pF "220"33 pf. 5pF<10pF.Miniature fine series. Temp.characteristics capacitance range. Find great deals on eBay for 500pF Capacitor in Electrical Capacitors. Shop with confidence.JENNINGS CAPACITOR 6-500PF 6KV USLPA500-6N648 NSN: 5910-00-104-1492.500pF 1000V Ceramic Disc Capacitors: Hard to Find Value: 6/PK. Procetive coating applied and component marked. Ceramic Disc Capacitor (Radial).NIC NCM Series - Radial Leaded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor. NCM 21 X7R 104 K 50 TR.Cap Value 330 33pF. Voltage 1 100VDC. Ceramic disc capacitors, Type RS, are recognized by the following safety regula-tions: UL1414 (125VAC) and CSA (125VAC).27pF 33pF 39pF 47pF 56pF. Ceramic disc capacitors type: class I (50V1KV DC) temperature compensating (t.C.) FeaturesStandard Products and Maximum Diameter(mm). Cap. (pF). 50/100V. NPO 500V. A ceramic disc capacitor does not have a polarity and connects in any direction on the printed circuit board.Here is another example, code 104 is 10 followed by four zeros, hence 10 0000 pF.33 pF. Testing Parameters. 1pF to 820pF.Ceramic disc capacitor. Class I 50V,100V,500V,1KV,2KV,3KV,6KV, Temperature Compensation. www.passivecomponent.com. TELESKY ceramic disc capacitor 30PF 50V 30P porcelain dielectric capacitor disk capacitor(100). USD 4.24. TELESKY Safety capacitor X2 275V 0 1uF 100nF 104K pitch 10mm capacitor 20. Price . Minimum Order . Location . Company TRADE CORP. Response Rate . Type Ceramic Capacitor. Place Of Origin CN. Brand Name AEC. Price: 0.07. (Minimum order): 15. Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours Product Code: 33PF.Tantalum Radial Capacitor(104L) .1uf 35V .1" LS. Ceramic Disc Capacitors Ceramic Chip Capacitors. Electric Double Layer (Super Capacitors).Capacitance. EGS104M1HD11RRSAP.Vender. 33pF 1000V U2J. VISHAY. Electronic Source Co Ltd. Tel: 02-884-9210 Email: infoes.co.th www.es.co.th.

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