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Check PNR Status for Tickets booked by Indian Railways. PNR Status of Tickets booked at IRCTC and Railway Counters can be checked confirmed.Fare Enquiry. Seat Map. Check Save Your PNR Status from Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry.This PNR number is used to maintain the record of Passengers. In case the ticket is Waiting or RAC the same PNR can be used to find if the waiting position is reduced or is the ticket confirmed. Indian Railway PNR Status. Want to know what is PNR no? PNR is abbreviated as Passenger Name Record.If you get a confirmed reserved ticket there is no need to check PNR status live. Sometimes our ticket may not be confirmed and will be in waitlist. PNR Status Best Solution for Indian Railway PNR Status Enquiry.Once all available seats on a train are sold, the Indian railway give 1st preference to RACs for railway reservations.GNWL - A General Waitlist ticket (GNWL) which gets confirmed after the passengers cancel their confirmed PNR Status. Advanced Search. Please waitDisclaimer: This website has NO affiliation with the Government-run site of Indian Railways. This site does NOT claim 100 accuracy of fast-changing Rail Information. Trains List. Seat Map. Indian Railways Train Types.

PNR Status.Hence there is a very less chance that a CKWL ticket will be confirmed. Apart from these two popular waiting list quotas, Indian Railways has defined some other W/L quotas in long journey trains like RLWL (Remote Location Tatkal Quota Waitlist. PNR status.Indian rail pnr status. Imagine you are preparing for your much planned and long awaited holiday.So your problem of whether seats will be available in the Indian railways trains or train route is totally solved. The facilities like RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) and WL ( Waiting List) are helping people to get tickets at the last minute. But this means you need to keep track of Indian Railway Inquiry, especially inquiry of PNR status. Find the live train details, seat availability, waiting list, RAC, confirmed ticket status. PNR is short name for Passenger Name Record.Indian Railways PNR Status - Продолжительность: 2:13 IRCTC PNR Status 37 565 просмотров.

Android: PNR Status, m-Indicator, Indian Rail Guide, IndianRail, Complete Railway Enquiry, CRIS, IRCTC info and more.Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) Indian railways sell a small number of seats in each classIf the RAC quota is maxed out, you will be handed a waitlisted ticket ( WL). PNR number is mostly used by the passenger for the enquiry about their seat availability in any train in any class whether it is in wait listed , RAC or confirm.Apart from this Railway provides many numbers for PNR Status enquiry. PNR status of the indian railway ticket is the current ticket status it could be confirm,RAC or waiting list it depends upon the trains seat availability. pnrstatus- provides the easy user interface to check your pnr status of the Quickly check official PNR Status from Indian Railways. See route maps and timetable. Uses offical data from and IRCTC ntes.Some common abbreviations are: CNF-Confirmed, RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation, or WL - Waitlist. You can check your PNR status (Passenger Reservation Enquiry) of Indian Railways train tickets and IRCTC booking online easily.RAC(Reservation against Cancellation):RAC tickets are most likely to get confirmed by the time of chart preparation and passenger get a ticket. When PNR status is checked by a passenger will get to know about whether the ticket is being confirmed or not, or it has been placed in waiting list or RACPNR status can be checked online easily through the official Indian railway: or IRCTC website: Indian Railways. RAC. Reservation Against Cancellation.PNR is a Passenger Name Record. Indian Railways generates a unique 10 digit number for each ticket bookingWL: Waitlist means the ticket is not confirmed. If booked e-ticket, ticket will be automatically cancelled once chart prepared. Indian Railway PNR Status NTES IRCTC Login Train Tickets NTES Live Status Railway Games Seat Availability Time Table.get confirmed.In that case, if you want to know the current status of your ticket then you can take an help from PNR number. pnr number on Indian Railways ticket. PNR stands for passenger name record and it tells you your current status on the WL (waitlist) or RAC (reservation against cancellation queue). PNR means (Passenger Name Record) and most travelers on Indian Railways confuse the status of their PNR and often dont understand the status of their tickets.If ticket booked without confirmed status, it will show waiting status (WL) or Reservation against cancellation status (RAC). One can search for trains between stations and get instant seat availability for indian railways.After doing railway reservation on IRCTC, passengers may want to predict the final PNR status for railways - will the ticket get confirmed or not? Check PNR status of your Indian railway train ticket online using the PNR number to get currentConfirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation). RAC.CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List) Indian Railways provides for a different Waitlist type for tickets booked under tatkal. Visit TravelKhana get Indian railways pnr status for your pnr checking to get an idea about confirmation against reservation.RAC stands for Reservation against Cancellation and is been considered as a train ticket with confirmed seat but it is waitlisted berth. Like PNR status, pnr enquiry: railway PNR status.RAC. Reservation Against Cancellation. WL . Waiting List Number.You can visit the Indian Railways websiteor check your status pnr status. Enter your PNR number and then hit enter to view the details of your journey and seat allotment. Seat Availability. Fare Enquiry.Popular Tags - PNR Status Indian Railways Indian Rail Passenger Current Status PassengerTrain rail Bus Online PNR Status Enquiry pnt status Recent Tags - Internet status Pnr, pnr inquiry, pnr serch, indian ralway status, up pnr status,delhi pnr Online Indian Railway or IRCTC PNR Status check was never so easy. Now all it requires, is your PNR Number and one click.RAC: When your PNR Status enquiry shows RAC, it means you can travel with a co passenger by sharing a single seat. For their renewal, it is a must for you to buy RAC or WL ticket. As soon as the Indian Railways are done with the making of reservation list, they check for some vacant seats left on the train.

check pnr status. Types of Waitlist Tickets Their Confirmation Priority. Find indian railway pnr status and train running status and check irctc ticket status online. mumbai local train time table and station code. pnr status.Tatkal waiting list (different from normal waiting list, which when moves up goes to RAC category, whereas a passenger gets a confirmed berth PNR Status Meaning. CAN. Cancelled - the passenger seat has been cancelled.No refund shall be granted on the RAC or Waitlisted ticket after thirty minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.PNR and its Importance in Railway System. The Indian Railways passenger name record PNR Status Wait list prediction of Indian Railways train tickets online.The current status of such a waitlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation. These zones are southern railways, western railways, northern railways central railways.Check PNR status of your Indian railways booked ticket.RAC only confirm that a seating capacity will be provide for sure. Go to the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry page and enter your PNR number.Even when confirmed passengers (RAC is a confirmed seat) had been moved back to the waitlist, Indian Railways still put Tatkal tickets on sale and took the extra profit that comes from those tickets Indian railway pnr status. In Indian Railways advance booking is allows up to 90 days before the actual train start date.If confirm ticket is not available, Railway provides a ticket with RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) OR WL ( Wait List) ticket. The Indian Railways passenger name record, also known as PNR, is a numberTo check whether your ticket is confirmed, you need to check your current PNR status.Waiting List and RAC. Once all available seats on a train are sold, the Indian railway releases RACs for railway reservations. Toggle navigation. Indian Railways Enquiry. PNR Enquiry. Reserved Train Between Stations.Earliest date of Available Berths/Seats. Reserved Train Schedule. National Train Enquiry System.Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation). RAC. It is best website for Indian Railways and IRCTC PNR status enquiry.Booking status of such waitlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation. PNR status: Check your PNR status and get to know about the chances of getting a confirmed ticket from your Waitlisted ticket.This site gives a medium to check PNR status (Passenger Reservation Enquiry) of Indian Railways train tickets. Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry.A PNR status gives you the status of your train booking at any given time. The status may vary from Confirmed to RAC and WL. Check Indian Railways PNR Status.You can find this PNR Number on the top left corner of your railway ticket to check PNR Status. Sometimes you have to you buy Waitlist Ticket or RAC Ticket which is not confirmed at booking time. Check Indian Railways PNR Status.So if youve a WL ticket, your PNR online would end with: WL05 (or something like that). Youre on the waitlist. If some people cancel their tickets, your PNR would soon be: RAC03. PNR Status Check Made Easy - Indian Railway PNR Status.It indicates the confirmed or waitlisted status of your ticket along with the coach and seat numbers.Tatkal Waiting List. RAC. Reservation Against Cancellation. Fare Enquiry. Seat Availability.A railway PNR number is the 10 digit unique number printed on the left hand side of the top of Indian Railways ticket like the image belowIf your ticket is in RAC (Reservation against Cancellation)/Waitlisted status, the same will be mentioned on the ticket. PNR Status Live : Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry, IRCTC PNR Status Check.This PNR number is used to maintain the record of Passengers. In case the ticket is Waiting or RAC the same PNR can be used to find if the waiting position is reduced or is the ticket confirmed. There are Waiting List Abbreviations also there along with PNR status like RAC,PQWL,RLWLHow to Check IRCTC PNR Status. PNR No situated at the top-left end of your Indian Railway trainIn the below part of the PNR status "Seat status" and "Charting Status" will be mentioned , which shows Tatkal Waitlist. PNR Status Refund Rules.- No refund shall be granted on the RAC or Waitlisted ticket after thirty minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. How to check PNR status live on Indian Railways? Indian Railway PNR Status is maintained This PNR Number is the record of Passengers.The status of waitlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability due to cancellation of reserved seats. WL and RAC. Check PNR Status of Indian Railway train tickets online.PNR Status information comes most handy when you have a waitlisted ticket (WL), i.e you do not have a confirmed train berth yet.You might get a fully confirmed status (CNF) or a shared RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) berth Check PNR Status of your railway ticket with ease. The best, fastest, accurate and reliable way to check your Indian Railways IRCTC PNR Status.When we book a ticket in a particular train, sometimes we do not get the confirmed ticket and Waiting List (W/L) or RAC booking status ticket Itll display your Indian Railways PNR status on screen. Once you get PNR status, then you have to know whether the ticket is confirmed or not.For the PNR and seat availability queries, the result is fetched from the computerized reservation applications at the five sites, viz. The reservation system, (RAC) tickets which indicates reservation under confirmation, wait listed tickets are frequent and thisRead more: railway reservation enquiry seat availability. The easiest way to check PNR status Indian Railways is by making use of a three figure SMS code which is 139. Indian Railways PNR Status. What is PNR?Booking status of such waitlist (W/L) or reservation against cancellation ( RAC) ticket changes when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation.

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