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Close all Windows and try shutting down your computer. Windows must shut down system processes, save data, and purge unneeded.Dell windows 8.1 slow shutdown. Hi, my PC has started to freeze when shutting down. RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance. SOLVED: Windows 10 Slow Shutdown.This is a pretty common problem with Windows 10 where Windows 10 computers take several minutes to shut down completely. Ive recently got myself a new ASUS N550JV laptop and one of the first things I did after downloading a few programs was update to Windows 8.1. Shortly after this I noticed that when shutting the computer down or restarting, it would take about 5 minutes before it would finally power off. Here are 9 easy but completely different ways to shut down Windows 8 or 8 .1.This is the "original" Windows 8 shutdown method. It should come as no surprise why people asked for a way to shut down Windows 8 that took fewer steps. In preparation for the Windows 8.1 upgrade, I updated the BIOS, device drivers, windows 8, and the antivirus software.If I shut it down soon after start-up, it shuts right down, but if I wait until all of the services are running, then the shut down seems to take forever. The mentioned Windows (8, 8.1 and 10) dont completely turn off everything in a normal shutdown.I noticed that when hard-shutdowning or resetting a computer while using Windows 8, the next boot up is extremely slow. Update Cancel. If you use Windows firewall, youre fine.

Try to shut it down now. Same problem?I was hitting the button to shut down and pulling out my phone to fiddle with it for 5 minutes (literally), now it is down in under 30 seconds. When you make shut down your PC Windows 10 would stay to get your response if the applications and other services are still running on the desktop.In this article, we are describing the solution of slow shutdown in Windows 10.

One of my computers has been suffering from a slow or long shutdown time, around 4 to 5 minutes. That happened when I upgraded its operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Well, at first it shuts down and restarts properly. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Stumbleupon. Whatsapp. Email. Advertisement. Updated by Tina Sieber on December 26, 2016. Shutting down Windows seems like it should be a simple process. Youre just turning your PC off How To Shut Down Windows 8 How To Shut Down Windows 8 Windows 8 Very Slow Shut Down on powerful PC Hello, hello, my first post. I have very slow shut down more than one minute, startup speed is normal.I just upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) yesterday and now Im having shut down problems. Shutdown time has literally Windows might sometimes be really slow during startup, shutdown or returning from sleep/hibernation. This might be caused by a bad or outdated driver, or someThis log records slowdowns while Windows starts, runs, shuts down or goes to or returns from sleep or hibernation. 1.0.6 Method 6: Run Power Troubleshooter. 1.0.7 Method 7: Registry Fix. 7 Ways To Fix Windows 10 Slow Shutdown: Users are reporting a new issue with Windows 10 where it takes a long time to shut down completely. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. There are several ways to restart, hibernate, sleep, or shutdown Windows 8, but none of them are exactly intuitive. Microsoft has brought back the Start button in Windows 8.1, now in public preview, and it allows shutting down your computer much easier. However, in Windows 8.1, the Shut Down option is a bit more hidden than in previous versions of Windows.Follow these instructions to learn how to shut down your Windows 8.1 computer Select General and then scroll down until you see Remove everything and reinstall Windows, click Get Started.Now you can start resetting Windows 8 computer by clicking Reset. Part 2: Ultimate Solution to Fix Windows 8 Slow Startup and Shutdown. The first version of Windows 8 was notoriously difficult to shut down if you had a PC or laptop, since it was designed to work with tablets that have a sleep/wake button. Microsoft realised the error of its ways and fixed the problem in a free update. Heres how to quickly and easily shut down a Windows 8 PC. Im running AVG 2014 (build 4592) on Windows 8.1 (with update 1) Professional. It appears that the AVGIDSAgent service is timing out when attempting to shut down or restart the machine, and this causes the laptop to pause for about 30 seconds when shutting down. How to shut down Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 provides a number of options for shutting itself down.Click on the command to Shut down or sign out. A submenu appears with such options as Sign out, Sleep, Shut down, and Restart. Slow shutdowns are usually due to a process that does not close properly when PC is shutting down.Just upgraded (via Windows Update) from Win 7 Pro to Windows 10. Upgrade generally went smoothly, but. My PC now shuts down very slowly and oddly. Here you would learn how to solve slow shutdown issue, and it is seems like always waiting for a long period before shutting down the computer. The behavior is beacuse of Windows program stays for solutions to stop after informing the service that the program is shutting down Microsofts new version of Windows, i.e Windows 8.1, offers a variety of ways for you to shut down the OS. In fact, we have come across 6 of them: 1. The easiest method to shut down Windows 8.1 is through the newly bought back Start button. I recently upgraded PSU and am getting a weird Slow shut down its like the PC shuts down in stages.5 answers Last reply Sep 11, 2014 Best Answer Sep 11, 2014.

More about weird slow shutdown windows. Windows 8.1 provides a number of options for shutting itself down.Click on Shut down to exit Windows. If youre at the desktop, you can easily shut down by holding down the Alt key and pressing F4. My Windows 8.1 machine is pretty slow to shutdown (say 5 minutes before it switches off).0. What is Hybrid shut down in Windows Operating System and why it didnt effect in windows8.1 for the shutdown issue? Tutorial for speeding up the slow shutdown in Windows 10. Press and hold the Windows button and the R button. Now you should have the Run window in front of you.Note: This value is the time in which an application will be shutdown by Windows if it has not closed yet. The first is the simple question of how to turn off your computer, since the user interface provides no clue on how you can do this. The second aspect is for the advanced user who, may for various reasons, need Windows 8 to be fully shut down. After Windows 8.1 upgrade, PC is slow to shut down and slow to restart. Update: 2014.02.11 This article solves the slow-restart issue in Windows 8.1, but introduced a new problem where the machine does not wake from sleep. In Windows 8, user get Shut down option by right-clicking on the start menu, but some time it is difficult to get shut down option button. When you work on touchscreen devices, you might wish permitting a (cooler) slide to shut down UI on your Windows 8.1. By Wise Auto Shutdown you can easily schedule your computer to shut down, log off, restart, sleep, and close power at any time you want. This article guides you to enable Hibernation on your windows 88.1 Laptop. Windows 8.1 - Stop Automatic Shut-Down, Sleep or Hibernate - Advanced Power Options and Settings - Duration: 4:32.How to Fix Laptop PC Not Shutdown Issue (Fix Slow Shutdown) - Duration: 1:33. Alternately, to shut down Windows 8.1 on your computer, right-click the Start button and then roll your mouse pointer over the Shut down or sign out command within the pop-up menu that appears. Windows 8.1 provides a number of options for shutting itself down.Click on Shut down to exit Windows. If youre at the desktop, you can easily shut down by holding down the Alt key and pressing F4. Windows 8.1.Click the Power icon and select either Sleep, Shut down or Restart. Tip: If the above steps seem like too much work you can create a shutdown, restart, or hibernate shortcut that allows you to perform any of these tasks faster. Windows 8.1 Tip: Dont shut down using Start button to avoid slow startup.When you hold down Shift and then click Shut Down without letting go of Shift, then Classic Shells Start Menu does a full shutdown. Fix Перезагрузка и проблемы завершения работы в Windows 8 и позже Отключение «Hybrid Shutdown» Feature - UPDATE: Этот учебник будет также работать в ОС Windows 8.1 и позже. Есть много Windows 8 пользователей, которые жалуются на различные вопросы, перезагрузки Windows 8 is slow in startup after shut down and restartFixing the long or slow shutdown or fast boot is not Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States. Windows 8.1 Pro x64 UEFI very slow boot and shutdown Do you want to know how to speed up Windows 10 shutdown process? Or, whats the easiest way to speed up slow shutdown in Windows 10? If yes, you are at quite appropriate place. Because after installing Windows 10 on my computer, i noticed that windows 10 takes a long time to shut down. In Windows 8.1, you can also shut down by right clicking on the Start button and selecting Shut down from the Shut down or sign out menu, but thats still a couple of clicks away. Hi, I am using windows 7 ultimate. I am using NOrton 360 on my PC. Its startup is very fine, less than a minute, performance is good, Not having any virus at all (fully protected and updated). But it is taking long time to shut down, more than 3 minutes. Now Im not really concerned about shutdown or restart as I will manually shut down the PC if Im going somewhere for anBut the slow login is really killing me as it used to take 1 second to hear that little "tick" from the speakers and Id see When you first use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you will have a hard time figuring out how to shut down or restart your computer. Only Windows 8.1 Update improves the situation and offers an intuitive and in your face" menu for shutting down your device. Maintenance :: Windows 8.1 - Slow Boot / Restart And ShutdownMaintenance :: Windows 8.1 - Extremely Slow Wake And Start Up TimesMaintenance :: Windows 8 Computer Wont Restart Or Shut Down Shut down? Okay, I guess thats like asking which is worse: a slow computer or a capricious computer?Since Im running Windows 8.1, Ill demonstration how I got this thing going my OS. How to Shut Down Windows 8. Three Methods:Using the Charms Bar Using the Windows Button Using Your Computers Power Button Community QA. Microsoft redesigned the Windows user interface with Windows 8, and the shut down command is not where it once was. ContentsWindows 10 Takes A Long Time To Shut DownWindows 8.1 Slow ShutdownWindows 10 Takes A Long Time To Shut Down. There were 168 updates to Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 shut down and turn off immediately after starting Windows 8/8.1 computer. So lets fix this problem. When you just open the screen and start your PC and it just goes off within a moment just gives us a huge tension. Windows 8.1 turning off shutdown?Windows 8.1 slow shutdown?Windows 8 shuts down on standby? First of all I dont know what to choose in the "Forum" xD -/-. I recently used windows 8.1 but I see that it takes more than 10 mins to Shutdown/Restart and it really annoying me , How to solve that ?

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