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WordPress Get Post Category - Display category of the post in WordPress.How to Validate First and Last Name using Regular Expression in PHP. theauthorpostslink() Returns the authors display name with a link to the authors about page on your WordPress site.We can get the authors email address by using the WordPress function get theauthormeta( email ). [pbcode idk7DiWxCq/]. 48 responses to WordPress Plugin: Latest Posts by Author. welzie saysI used this: numposts wpdb->getresults(SELECT ID, postauthor, posttitle FROM .wpdb-> posts.So this is almost exactly what Ive been looking for. Is there a way to show the Authors Name as Im using the Description. Retrieve the post authors display name.Since WordPress 2.1 parameters are deprecated (not the function). Usage. .

0.getposts by categoryname does return all posts. 1.WordPress Development. Geographic Information Systems. Electrical Engineering. Try getuserby(): Getuserby( field, value ) In your case, youd pass ID, and the user ID: // Get user object recentauthor getuserby( ID, recent["postauthor"] ) // Get user display name authordisplayname recentauthor->displayname Often times on a WordPress site, when you see the post meta that includes the author name of a post, there is a link you can click on to see more posts by that author.We can accomplish this by using the getauthorpostsurl() function. To query WordPress and return posts based on these custom taxonomy names and terms, we can use taxquery within getposts() as indicated belowRemoving columns from pages posts such as Type, Author Comments. Creating a Twitter Search Analytics tool. This plugin allows to display or retrieve comments posted by a user. In order to avoid homonyms, a user is identified by his name and email(s). Note: Get Authors Comments uses the function wplistcomments introduced by WordPress 2.7 for the (x)HTML output. Dont forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings. Method 2: Manually Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts.That being said, lets get started. First add a new author to your WordPress site and give it a generic username such as editorialteam. I am creating a profile page in wordpress for each of the authors creating posts.

Each page title will be equal to the authors name.Using Widget Logic I am trying to get a sidebar widget to only display on any post by a specific author. I have found the isauthor() logic, but this only works with Archive postauthor ?> I get back 1 which is not the author name. How is this done correctly?Wordpress post query by author. This tutorial explains how to get the current Post Author outside of the WordPress Loop. For the author-archive views generated by my shapeSpace starter

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. As written, that code displays the authors Display Name. This code will display date, the author name under the blog post title. And when you login to your WordPress admin panel then you would see an edit link using whichFor the life of me, I couldnt get my name under the post as the author and it really bugged me.Notify me of new posts by email. Getting top 10 authorss list from WordPress is actually pretty simple with a SELECT query. Here is the SQL for that which sorts the list by number of posts of each authors [sourcecode languagesql] SELECT wpusers.id, display name, userlogin, usernicename, count(wpposts.id) WordPress Get Author Page Function.

if you try to find the author core functions codes, it will lead you to wp-include/author-template.php file.curauth getuserdata(getqueryvar(author)) currentlink get authorpostsurl(curauth->ID,curauth->displayname) What php code can be used to retrieve the current page name in a Wordpress theme? All the solutions I have seen so far (thetitle(), getpage()-> postname, getpost(), ) dont work for a page that contains post entries. aueda/wppostsauthors.sql. Created Feb 2, 2018. Embed.wpdatabase.wpusers.displayname. FROM. getposts() is a simple WordPress function that allows you to retrieve a list of posts that match certain criteria, i.e. post type, post status, or posts tagged by a certain taxonomy. As of version 1.0.2, CPT-onomies works with getposts In order to display information about the author (such as their name, URL and bio) and list the authors posts, you have to start the WordPress loop.Twenty Eleven displays the posts of an author by using the gettemplatepart function. I need to get archives of one author and exlude all others, Wordpress wp get archives() doesnt have that kind of filter.Just off the top of my head: getposts(array(authorname > the authorsname)) You dont get anything preformatted like from wpgetarchives, just the list of By default, WordPress will archive your posts and organize them by authors.function guestauthorname( name ) global post author getpostmeta( post->ID, author, true ) if ( author ) name author return name You can use gettheauthormeta(), to get author data. Echo getthe authormeta(displayname, authorid) Hope this helps! I figured it out. postauthor ?> " width"140" height"140" class"avatar" alt". function getpostsbyauthorsql( posttype, full true, postauthor null, publiconly false ) global wpdbFilters the capability to read private posts for a custom post type when generating SQL for getting posts by author. usbget author nicename. usbget authorname by post id. usbwordpres get authot name.extension How to Disable Plugin Updates in WordPress. extension WordPress Remove Site Name from Email Subject. postauthor: Author name of the post.The getposts function is one of the most used WordPress functions, I hope you can now start using it your own projects. Meet the author. echo gettheauthormeta(displayname, authorid) Hope this helps!WordPress database: How to remove a word from all posts. How to seperate day from acf datepicker. WordPress Double Title In header No seo plugins. Today, here at DevotePress, we will be learning the easiest ways to remove author name in WordPress posts. So, lets get started.If you have anything to add, ask or share, feel free to use the comments section. Source: WP Beginner. I have been across the net trying to get a way to generate a list of posts posted by a specific author.I want to have a list of posts specific to the member come up just like wplistarchives or something along those lines but I havnt found anything useful in over 3 hours of searching and testing. theauthormeta() > Outputs the data, just like echo gettheauthormeta() -> holds the value in value.WordPress how to add custom field when post is published? 10 Useful WordPress User Interface / Dashboard Hacks! Every theme is developed somewhat differently, but thankfully WordPress uses standard names inOn our themes, this piece of code looks like this: postauthor ) echo Hello . user->data->display nameHow to create a custom menu in WordPress and assign it to a new theme location. catname category->nameauthorID getqueryvar(author) This will get you a lot more informationPHP/Wordpress: list posts per sub-category. How to write a forerach loop in this situation? 2. WP Old Post Date Remover. As its name suggests, this plugin is specifically designed to removeJohn is a blogging addict, WordPress fanatic, and a staff writer for WordCandy.co.I wanted to know something a bit of the opposite. How would I get blog posts for only certain Authors to appear?? WordPress, by default, display author name as a link to author URL in comments.But sometimes you get spam comments, they just want to have backlinks without adding anything to discussion.You know the sorts of comments where the author tells you its a great post, but adds nothing to the The WordPress WPQuery generator allows you to easily create your own custom WordPress queries using the WPQuery object.Get Posts By Author Name. WordPress only allows you to update certain fields (like author, status, tags) for several posts at once from the admin section of your site.e.g. to target posts by author usernicename: poststoupdate new getposts( authornamekakoma ) To see a list of other arguments you can get, I recommend checking out the official WordPress Author template. As an added bonus, if you want your authors name link to point towards the authors page, you can do so with the following code: slug, posttype > page ) ) In case of any help related to WordPress talk to our WordPress Technical Support Team for getting instant help, dial 1 844 897 0441(Toll-Free).Quick Fix: WordPress not sending Email Issue. Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts WordPress Support. For example, we can display the name of the post author by using the author() and using thetitle() to display the post or page title.Function Reference: Get Users WordPress Codex. Display A List Of Authors On WordPress Paulund.co.uk. But without having wordpress printing the href and author name. I only want it to return the URL of the author WHILE using the users default permalink structure defined in their WP settings.ops! then you will need getauthorpostsurl(). seems MagoryNET written well for that How to hide author name, dates, meta from category and post - Wordpress tutorial 2017. Step by step new tutorial for how to remove post meta from WordPress Subscriber: The lowest level of access, as they can only view their own profile and read posts on the WordPress site.

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