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I just built a computer with am AMD FX 8350 and the stock cooler works great. Basically as long as you have your case full up on fans and your not going to try overclocking then stock coolers are just fine. I got a new rig for Christmas which included a MSI Gaming 970 motherboard and a AMD FX 8350. I robbed the cooler off my old pc which is a Arctic Freezer Pro 7New 28 Dec 2016 3. 1.5v is max recommended voltage for FX processors. If you are not overclocking it should stay at or under 1.4v. Hello everyone I have a simple question what cooler is good for the fx 8350 currently I have the stock fan and two fans zip tied to keep the CPU cooled down so three blow down fans but the problem is the sound is ridiculous. I am about to buy the AMD FX-8350 for a gaming PC Im building, but the stock cooler isnt gonna cut it for me. I was going to get the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo but didnt know if this was a good choice or is there is something much better. The AMD FX 8350 Wraith Cooler bundle comes in a 137 x 130 x 123 mm box. It is considerably larger than previous AMD processor boxes with the exception of the liquid cooler bundled FX-9000 CPUs. My graphics card is an amd HD 7950 and I think my cpu is bottlenecking it. My cpu cooler is a corsair H80iId recommend overclocking only if you have a decent power supply and your motherboard has aFX8350, start with, go to bios disable c1e/turbo core/cool n quiet, set cpu voltage 1.35v ish Joel Hruska AMD FX-8350 The AMD FX-8350 CPU improves companys standing against Intel but doesnt rewrite the rules of the game.The new AMD FX-8350 is a 4GHz CPU with a 4.

2GHz Turbo clock. We review the AMD FX 8350 processor. Also known as the Vishera generation with PileDriver cores, today FX 8300 series is tested.You can then use the mainboard backside bracket to mount the liquid cooler on. The copper base already has thermal paste applied. AMD FX-8350Remove from comparison.Top specs and features. AMD FX-6300 vs AMD FX-8350: 53 facts in comparison. 1. total clock speed. The FX-9590 is somewhat better than the FX-8350. It certainly wont have any future upgrade ability.That plus only a handful of boards being rated to run it since unlike X99/X299 AMD has budget and mid range boards for the AM3 socket. Add AMD FX-8350 to Virtual PC. PerformanceAMD FX-8350 compared to popular Processors.

You can find a good value for money by comparing the money bar (green) with the performance bar (blue). Amd FX-8350 AM3 4.2GHZ Eight Core Cpu.Ultra High Speed Ultimate Performance [Add: 24.95] - Ascendtech Recommended. Cooler Master Hyper T4 Cpu Heatsink Fan [Add: 44.95]. AMD FX-8350 w/Stock Cooler Hi, I will soon be building my first computer and will be using an AMD FX-8350 as the processor.Recommended CPU cooler for MSI 970 Gaming I am planning to buy the MSI 970 Gaming motherboard with Please do recommend me a VFM Cpu(Air) cooler for the following configuration: (Already purchased): 1) AMD FX8350 2)ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 3)ASUS 7850hi there i am using a deepcool neptwin cpu cooler for my fx 8350 oc idle temps are 36 load temp are near 50 room temp is 33c in Punjab normally however i am Hi, I was wondering, whats a good, cheap but also quiet(er) AIR CPU- Cooler for the AMD FX 8350 CPU?Where would you recommend to look ? Would you say the 212 Evo is reliable, quiet and compatible with AMD FX 8350 ? The Base mode test readings for the FX 8350 CPU proved that AMD stock cooler could still hold its own at 4000 MHz, but the fan speed does ramp up under Load operation. AMD FX Cooler for FX-8300-FX-8320-FX-8350 Processor-CPU with New Near Silent Fan.AMD FX 8350 4GHz 8-Core (FD8350FRHKBX) Processor w/ Wraith Cooler, NEW In Box. AMD FX-8350 desktop CPU: latest news, detailed specifications, benchmarks, side by side comparison, FAQ, pictures and more from CPU-World.Running the FX-8350 close to 70 degrees and higher is not recommended. Since its launch with AMDs FX- 8370 CPU earlier this year, the cooler has also been made available with the A10-7890K, AMDs latest flagship APU.AMD also pointed out that HTC recommends the FX-8350 for the Vive, and even claimed that the FX-6350 is powerful enough to use with the Oculus AMD FX 8370 processor now paired with virtually silent top-of-the-line AMD Wraith Cooler.Available on the FX 8370, 8350, and 6350, each with the maximum multithreading capacity and the highest clock rate in its class4,5,8,9. 2) This is a beginner tip but do you have your windows in "performance" mode? eg. dont put the computer into power conservation mode or that will cut performance out easily 3) I do recommend you get a custom cooler - with the FX8350 and stock motherboard settings, the AMD chip runs runs in The BEST CPU cooler for AMD FX-8350 [Solved] Overclocking. Hi, Im a littlebit insecure about cooling for FX8350. So what would you recommend for that CPU? max. 200. Thanks. Best CPU Cooler for AMD FX-8350 Overclocking and Gaming We had very little trouble nudging the GPU clock up from 600MHz to 900MHz and the CPU clock from 3GHz to 3.5GHz, using just a basic air cooler—and AMD tells us that, with more aggressive cooling and fine tuning of voltages, a combo rate ofCPUBoss recommends the AMD FX 8350 based on its . CPU Cooler.Overall, the AMD FX-8350 has exceptional performance. Its 8 cores clocked at 4 GHz provide extremely swift processing speeds and allow many processes to be run simultaneously. Thats fine i always recommend putting aftermarket fans. You are set to go then if everything is coming in a package best to go with that deal but the khuler i showed you should knock 30-40 off your budget to make room for other stuff likeNeed a Good Quiet and pretty cheap cooler for amd FX 8350 Hi! Recommend This. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition. Update.For those interested, this CPU is easily overclockable, which allows for more performance. A third party cooler is recommended, but can be worth it in order to squeeze a bit more out of this chip. Today, however, consumers selecting the FX 8350 and FX 6350 may want to forgo the additional cooler purchase.The company further says, "HTC, manufacturer of the Vive VR headset, recommends the AMD FX 8350 as a VR-ready processor. i have 8350 300 fps on cs 140 on blackops 3. i recomend to buy a new cpu fan a water cooler is best becuse amd can go very hot in my opinion.I wouldnt recommend it, the FX-8350 is well known for having problems with steam. Moin wanted my fx 8350 overclock but I think that the standart cooler the temps. not holding the frame. Without utilization, the temp is at 37-39grad.

I wanted to ask if you FX-8350 can recommend me a CPU cooler for AMD? ? AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition Processor.Verified Purchase. very fast and clear for the price. recommended for any other budget gamer such as myself. Read more. I recently bought an AMD FX 8350 for my new system, and Im looking for to buy a proper cooler. Id like your opinion about this matter. I haveI can also recommend bequiet! CPU coolers, for example, the bequiet! The favorite coolermaster hyper 212 evo would fit on to a amd fx bulldozer series 8350 and really cheap doesnt take up much space. This CPU is a beast but the stock cooler is trash. I highly recommend getting a liquid cooler or the cooler master hyper 212 evo!AMD FX 8350 Stock CPU cooler Noise test Testing of the AMD FX-8350 Stock cooler at different RPM. AMD Turbo CORE Technology - Disable in order to manually Overclock the CPU.SB Voltage - Adjusts the voltage for the South Bridge Default 1.1v. Recommended Settings up to 5.0Ghz.CoolnQuiet - Disabled. In terms of raw single-core performance the flagship AMD FX-8350 is lagging behind intels processor line-up by over two generations. The PassMark Single Thread scores for the i5-2500K vs the FX-8350 are 1863 to 1520 which shows that in terms of raw per-core processing the FX-8350 is It has the highest recommended system requirements in our game benchmark suite.The AMD FX-8350 is currently priced at 159.99 at Newegg. The FX 8350 with Wraith Cooler will add another 10 - 20 depending on where you purchase it. The AMD FX 8350 is the octo-core powerhouse that AMD launched back at the end of 2012.Overall, the new AMD FX 8350 with Wraith cooler is an interesting investment if you are looking for a new mid-range PC. just got my FX8350 with the stock cooler ASrock 960GM U3S3 FX G skill Ripjaws 16GB 1866.What are the recommended operating temperature ranges for the AMD Phenom II 960T? 3. Is a System Temperature of 51 degC (123 degF) normal / OK? Since its launch with AMDs FX- 8370 CPU earlier this year, the cooler has also been made available with the A10-7890K, AMDs latest flagship APU.AMD also pointed out that HTC recommends the FX-8350 for the Vive, and even claimed that the FX-6350 is powerful enough to use with the Oculus Which type of cooler do you recommend for an AMD FX-4130 inside a Circle CC 830 cabinet? Is AMD FX-8300 a good upgrade for a FX-4300?Related Questions. What is the best and cheapest option for AMD FX-8350 high end gaming PC? AMD FX-8350 (180 dollars) and FX-6350 (130 dollars) stands out with this new cooler, people wont be condemned with poor cooling. Especially for the game lovers we strongly recommend AMD processors with Wraith Cooler with that this new cooler has a great potential for overclocking. During CES 2016, AMD demoed their new Wraith CPU cooler and I instantly noticed how quiet it was compared to the previous design.Currently, the Wraith cooler is bundled with the A10-7890K, FX-6350, FX- 8350 and FX8370 in a special package at no additional cost. Hi, Im a littlebit insecure about cooling for FX-8350. So what would you recommend for that CPU? max. 200. Thanks.solved Best AMD FX-8350 CPU Cooler for Gaming? Compare AMD Ryzen R7 1700 AMD FX-8350 Processor Gaming performance vs system requirement comparison.Gaming Performance Comparison. Recommended System Requirements. CPU: AMD FX-8350. Memory: 16Gb Corsair Vengence 8GB (2 x 4GB) CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B.Reply. I recommend this discussion (0). Subscribe. The companys FX-8350 8-core and FX-6350 6-core unlocked processors will start shipping today with the upgraded CPU cooler.HTC recommends the FX-8350 for the Vive, and AMD said an FX-6350 is capable of powering an Oculus Rift, though we have not yet verified those claims ourselves. AMD FX-8350 chipset compatibility.AMD FX-8350 performance. The graph below shows aggregate multi-threaded performance of the CPU compared to other Socket AM3 processors with the same type of architecture. In addition to the FX-8370 and A10-7890K, AMD is now including its Wraith cooler with its FX-8350 and FX-6350 CPUs."HTC, manufacturer of the Vive VR headset, recommends the AMD FX 8350 as a VR-ready processor. Boards > Gaming > PC > CPU cooler for AMD FX-8350? >I think a cooler of 130mm height can fit but no more than this if thats what youre asking. Or maybe you want to recommend a water cooler? Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices Model: FD8350AMD FX 8350 Black Edition 8 Core CPU Unboxing Overview - Cheap 8-Core Gaming Processor - Продолжительность: 2:41 Nathan PH 1 321 просмотр.

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