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If you are cocksure that the login details you are entering are correct but still cannot access your account there can be 4 reasons why Yahoo mail appears to be down (assuming you have been working from the same computer) If the above options dont explain why your account was deactivated, theres a chance that a third party deleted it.Was this issue ever resolved as I am having the same problem right now. I have not been able to access my yahoo mail for 4 days and I have clients that are IRATE. Is yahoo just hacked out? I noticed the questions below have zero replies why bother if no one Cares?joe dillon. i need my e mails. mail has been down since 1/23/18 in the afternoon.what are they doing to fix this NOW? and having to sign in with account see do not have is so awful i have not Is there any way to find out who may have attemtped to email me yesterday when this address was deactivated?Link Removed - forums.yahoo.net/t5/Community-guidelines/Why-do-we-restrict-the-posting-of-phone-numbers/td-p/192804"> Learn more the following e-mail addresses I saw in the news that Yahoo had been hacked and that they were recommending that you take some precautions with passwords, etc. I couldnt get into my Yahoo account on Firefox -- I got a message that said that the sites security certificate had expired. Have you ever wondered why some people are deactivated from Uber but others are not?Heres how you can do the same. Дополнительные изображений: Вопросы и ответы по ключу " my yahoo mail is deactivated" Thank you for your suggestions. If you can tell me why the difficulty with the cookie for [ email], Ill look into it on4. Tried to go through mail.yahoo.com and the yahoo.com logon portals. 5. Delete cookies, clear cacheSomething was done at Yahoo previously that fixed it, and now the problem is back.Also have temporally deactivated your account to clear the login issue.

You may have received an Why did I get a message saying my Yahoo! account maybe deactivated? This is what I received please tellHow did my yahoo mail plus account get deactivated? When reactivating, all my e-mail gotMy Yahoo voice account got deactivated after i changed the password. I have balance on Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail, which is the better free email?Mail: As a very important part of the Yahoo! company, Yahoo! Mail was one of the earliest Internet enterprises engaged in the electronic mail services. Turned out to be a violation of their TOS with one of my domains, they never would tell my why.But how can they just deactivate the mail id like that. have you done any spam work from that yahoo id like sending email spamsetc like that. Not available in all locales - If the option isnt listed in your account, its not available at this time. Why did Yahoo deactivate my account? .Email Print Was this information .If your Yahoo email account has been compromised or youreYour yahoo mail account will be .You can shut down a Yahoo! Yahoo has sent me email, saying my Yahoo account will be deactivated if I dont log in to it by July 15th.

Your Mail account may be listed as inactive if you only use Flickr in conjunction with that Y!ID -- and this is why you are receiving these emails from Yahoo!. Youll know it worked if you see a message that reads "Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion."Tell us why! Other. Not enough details.What Are the POP Settings for Yahoo Mail? How to Access Yahoo! link Yahoo Help: Why Was My Account Deactivated?link TechCrunch: Yahoo Mail Announces Unlimited Storage. About the Author. Laurel Storm has been writing since 2001, and helping people with technology for far longer than that. Yahoo Mail vs Gmail - Yahoo mail was launched around the year 1995.HOW or WHY Should Atheism Be Taught? Governments should not be expected to have a benefits system.Even so, Yahoo Mail is still vulnerable to attacks by hackers. The process of deactivating the Yahoo Mail account is simple having no problem or trouble might to be faced during executing the process.After filling in your details there will some questions related to why you want to delete the account answer them, then you will be redirected to the account My yahoo email stopped coming thru on my phone.why? I have been to ATT and they were not able to figure it out either.With a google on yahoo mail I see that they have recently encountered some mail server problems. my acc has been deactivated , and i have lost my yahoo password then hw could i get my acc back , and hw could i activate it without password.Why cant I access my Yahoo! mail account? How do I make a Yahoo account for Facebook? How do you fix Yahoo Mail that is not receiving email? Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account as usual. A message will appear that says your account has been deactivated due to inactivity.Sign into your account at least once a month to avoid automatic deactivation by Yahoo! in the future. I have a yahoo account I hadnt checked in some months it had many emails I wanted.It said something about my email had be at risk or something.However, Ive had my active gmail account deactivated for a weekThats why you get a paid account for personal and business mail you want to keep. How can i fix my yahoo email account that says its inactivated how to reactivate yahoo! account, if it has been inactive for over recover a deleted mail deactivated yahoomail by elijagod youtube.It still works why has my bt email address been suspended or deleted? . Have you ever wondered why some people are deactivated from Uber but others are not? Check out this article to see what could get you deactivated from driving.Дополнительные изображений: Вопросы и ответы по ключу "my yahoo mail is deactivated" Yahoo mail Ask a question Report Reply to this topic. why has my yahoo mail been deactivated. See more. Yahoo mail account will be deactivated if the user have not logged into their mail account during the period of four months or even more.Lets see what happens Why this problem? Who has to gain? Smartphones vs. Desktops: Why Is My Phone Slower Than My PC? Gavin Phillips. 3 Productivity Chrome Extensions That Secretly Help Your Security.If the email address is spoofed and the mail actually comes from somewhere else, then it wont have that signature. A similar fate was bestowed upon 4.5 million Verizon.net email addresses that were deactivated in March.White says that Yahoo Mail is a completely different situation than verizon.net email addresses. "While neglected and tainted by being hacked in recent years, Yahoo Mail has decent This has happened to me a few times before thats why I make sure I log on to my accounts at least 2x a month (for the email account that I dont use often) to prevent it from getting deactivated. For my main one, I log on everyday :). The only other option you have is to create a new account cuz the old This rollout must be why I search my mail and the results all say dated 20/03/2016 however when I go into the emails they all have different datesThat seems suspicious to me, and if this is what Yahoo is doing to long time subscribers like me, I will be deactivating my account and going over to gmail. Why? This problem occurred in the last 24 hours. All iPhone software is up to date. No new mails are coming through to my iPhone or iPad, but all mail exists directly in Yahoo mail via the web. I have deleted mail and re-loaded it, I have restarted the iPhone. My yahoo email was deactivated.i have been having very similar problems all week with sending emails from my yahoo account. some outbound messages go fine, but in too many cases i cant send a message. Had Yahoo been wrong in its attribution?Thats why its important they take some time to make sure they can access these pieces of information from their new email account.For now it has been deactivated (Yahoo says this is to protect against malicious account abuse, but presumably it also Your email account has been deleted. To continue using your Yahoo email, sign in to Yahoo mail.Can you please de-couple my SBC global email from my Yahoo email as Yahoo has completely deactivated me and nobody from Yahoo is responding toWhy Are Faster Speeds Not Available? I had my main yahoo account deactivated recently.please good morning, I reactivted my yahoo mail yesterday ,and i was told to log on after 24 hours ,now am trying to log on i cant.please notify via my alternative mail.My email was deleted by Yahoo and I dont know why. Yahoo! Mail accounts are deactivated and removed after six months of not being used, plus an additional two months for each year you held the account.Is "Have I Been Pwned" really that useful? Explaining why cross multiplication works using a pie. Yahoo premium mail accounts are not deactivated due to inactivity. Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images.How to View Blocked Contacts on Yahoo! Why Cant I Change My Yahoo Nickname for Groups? This is the worse service I have ever experience and I do not know why you would deactivate my account anyway.DIDnT GET ANY HELP, i Yahoo has changed the way customers reach them no more phone supp 3 Reasons Why Yahoo Deactivates Your Mail Account.In case you are searching for the reason, why your Yahoo account has been deactivated by Yahoo, at that point you can check the reason given below. I cant reset my password because I cant access the email a Why am I being asked to enter my email login information whifacebook is (heroo00oo) he want me my yahoo but my yahoo mail is de- activated ! what can i do i know my yahooo mail and bassword but this mail yahoo is deactivate !! It says your account has been deactivated. Reactivate from your computer. When I do that, it tells me " Yahoo!Mail deactivate your account." Neither is correct or true. Email technician: Cory, Support Technician replied 4 years ago. Account Has Been Deactivated I am getting this error for requesting new password This Yahoo!Use ur other account to mail them man . i m u might be having more accounts in other portals if not in yahoo. Yes all ur mails will be deleted . I joined a group with a non-Yahoo email address and was made the administrator of that group. At the time I was an SBC customer and associated my SBC Yahoo ema.Is it possible to have a doc. that can be constantly added to by group members? I can post, but I dont get a copy back. Why? How did my yahoo mail plus account get deactivated? When reactivating, all my e-mail got deleted.?why card couldnt be verified. Answer: Yahoo will deactivate accounts for security reasons if they believe you have broken the TOS(Terms of Your Yahoo Mail account, emails and attachments are deleted.Changed your mind about deactivating the account? Increase your privacy by editing your Yahoo Account Information, including your marketing preferences. But I then realized that I had forgotten my password. No problem. Ill just retrieve it via e-mail.

Except Yahoo! deactivated my account outright (I cant just reactivate it and request another password.Read the FAQs, for an explanation why this is the final answer. Unable To Access My Yahoo Mail Account I have been using yahoo mail account for more than 5 yeras and I had no problems in the past.I want to read my first e-mail since opening yahoo mail account ???? after 5 months inactive why we Realized this have been going on for quite some time, how do I stop my account from auto spamming others? My hotmail is doing the same thing too!When you use Yahoo Mail and most other free services, you agree to let them use your conacts as they see fit. Actually, my yahoo account is a dummy account. Yahoo hosts my domain for another e-mail address and I never send/receive using the yahoo email address. Thats why I feel so certain that the hack had to have been on the yahoo-side. You are talking to other users here, not yahoo employees. If you have important email business, dont use yahoo mail for it.Why I cant upload videos when I deleted IT before I went on facebook yall need to take me off of that right now? Tralyn79 yahoomail yahoo has the mail problems been resolved? i have a mail account that gets email on mobile devices but not desktop. any updates?SamiHoneycutt yahoocare why dont you fix these constant yahoo mail issues. Why Am I Locked Out From Withdrawing My Ibotta Earnings? Why Has My Account Been Deactivated?Your account may be deactivated. Please contact accountsupportibotta.com or tap here. Common Reasons for Account Deactivation

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