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A false-positive result is one where the test indicates that the user is pregnant when she is not. Several factors can lead to a false-positive or a negative reading. This article discusses some of the potential causes of a woman getting a false-positive pregnancy test reading. Unlike blood pregnancy tests, urine pregnancy tests can display false positive results on account of a number of medications which interfere with the accurate result.The main 6 types of medications that cause false positive pregnancy tests results are as follows. 7 Causes for a False Positive Pregnancy Test. urine test is a pregnancy test.Home pregnancy tests: Can you trust the results? - Mayo Clinic. Although rare, its possible to get a positive result from a home pregnancy test when youre not actually pregnant. In order to avoid a false positive or a false negative result, you need to make sure the test kit has not expired and that you can read the outcome of the test with some degree of accuracy.If you are wondering what causes a false positive pregnancy test, it means you have had a test that has False Positive Pregnancy Test. These results indicate that someone is pregnant, in fact she is not pregnant.What are the causes? One of the most common reasons for false positive test is improper use of test. A pregnancy test taken at home can yield false positive results for several reasons.One common corrupting agent to the pregnancy test is exposure to soaps or detergents. These can cause a false positive result. What Can Cause False Positive Pregnancy Test Results? The following reasons explain several situations where positive and then negative test results can happen.

Medically Related Causes. Has anyone heard of such a thing, cabbage causing false-positives?Could I have had two false positive pregnancy test results? A lot of women struggling to become pregnant would definitely be very happy seeing two positive lines on a home pregnancy test or getting positive results from blood tests.What Can Cause A False Positive Pregnancy Test. So, why is it that incorrect positive test occur? Pregnancy Test Related Causes. You mistake an evaporation line for a positive result.Fewer than one percent of all over-the-counter pregnancy tests malfunction and give false positive pregnancy results. Its unclear what exactly led to Thores false positive, but here we dive into the most common causes.But sometimes—like in Thores case—other elements can mess with a pregnancy tests results and tell you youre pregnant when youre really not. A positive hCG test result does not necessarily indicate a viable pregnancy. If an at-home pregnancy test shows a positive result, it is important toKidney disease and bladder infections, for instance, can cause hematuria. When this happens, its possible that the test will yield false positive results. A false positive means the pregnancy test shows a positive result even though there is no pregnancy.

False positive results are not very common. Some of the causes include 7 Causes for a False Positive Pregnancy Test. Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT on May 11, 2017Your birth control pill wont affect your pregnancy test results, but there are things you should keep in mind. Learn what can cause an inaccurate 3. Improper Testing: Most women who show a positive pregnancy test will be pregnant and a few are not. The primary cause of a falseFalse positive pregnancy results are rare. Most of the health experts recommend going for at least two home pregnancy tests to confirm your pregnancy. Other Factors That Can Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test.Keep in mind that pregnancy test results are effective for a short while only. If you read the result after a long time, your urine will dry, leaving evaporation lines on it. Alcohol and illegal drugs do not affect the test results. The only drugs that can cause a false positive are those containing the pregnancy hormone hCG in them (usually used for treating infertility). Some tissues in a non- pregnant woman can produce hCG False positive results are uncommon on pregnancy tests false negatives are much more common. Certain medications can cause a false positive result on blood test or home pregnancy tests. One cause of a false positive pregnancy test is that you do not read your urine pregnancy test correctly.Your home pregnancy test instructions will specify when test results should be interpreted and when test results are no longer valid. 6. Question: Can I receive a false positive pregnancy test?With regard to the latter explanation, a false positive associated with improper use is typically caused by an attempt to interpret a test result after the given reaction time of a test. What causes false positive tests varies. One of the most common reasons you might receive a false positive test is because of fertility treatments.This is the hormone at-home pregnancy tests are designed to detect in your urine, providing you with a positive result on your pregnancy test. This makes a huge difference on results and causes false positive pregnancy result. Another reason of false positive result is fertility treatment.Another reason for false positive pregnancy test is a time gap. In the initial stage, you get a positive result. False Negative Pregnancy Test Results: Chances and Causes. in TTC.Understanding the accuracy and possibility of false positive pregnancy tests or false negative pregnancy test results depends on understanding the way a pregnancy test works. At the same time, the indicators are growing every day, so you can determine pregnancy in a week after fertilization, but ideally, of course, on the second day of a delay in menstruation. Causes of a false positive pregnancy test result. You can opt for a re-test and confirm the result. If you are urinating in a cup to test, make sure that it is clean. HCG injections are another reason that can cause false positive pregnancy result.Authors Bio: Alexsey has written this article on causes of false positive pregnancy test. What can cause a False Pregnancy Positive Test? Incorrect Testing Method.A home pregnancy test kit that has some manufacturing fault might cause a false positive pregnancy test. An expired test kit can also give incorrect results. False positive pregnancy test results are not very common but they do happen due to various reasons.Faint Positive Pregnancy Test. How To Get Pregnant. Whаt I A Tubаl Or Ectopic Pregnаncy? False pregnancy is easy to diagnose, once a pregnancy test or ultrasound is conducted. But it can still be a traumatic, stressful or worrying time for many women.These false-positive results are rarer than false negatives, but they do occur. Some of the other causes of a false-positive result Top 15 Reasons for false positive pregnancy test results.Antidepressants and antihistamines are causes of false positive pregnancy test results. False Positive Pregnancy Test: Is It Possible? February 13, 2017August 21, 2017 Maria Shevtsova.However, false positive tests occur more often than false negatives. It may happen for several reasons. Causes of false positive pregnancy test result. Find out the drugs or medications that cause false positive pregnancy test results. Also learn the uses of these medications to women. You wanted to know if its possible to have a falsely positive home pregnancy test result.

And it is possible. There are a few things that can cause it. What Are The Possible Causes of A False Positive Test Result?So what are the reasons for false positive results? Improper Use. Home pregnancy test kits have simple yet very specific instructions that you will need to follow closely. Pregnancy test false positive result for lactation. When breastfeeding, the prolactin hormone is produced, and lactation has no effect on human chorionic gonadotropin. Hence, breastfeeding can not cause a false positive test. Conclusion. Doctor insights on: Causes Of A False Positive Pregnancy Test.A urine test is not likely to have a false positive if you follow the instructions carefully, including the time within which to read the result. Why do you get such results? The article provides answers to these questions. Read on to know which factors are responsible for false pregnancy resultsProlonging test duration is one of the most common causes of false positive pregnancy test. False positives. False positive test results may occur for several reasons, including errors of test application, use of drugs containing the hCG moleculeSome diseases of the liver, cancers, and other medical conditions may produce elevated hCG and thus cause a false positive pregnancy test. False Positive Pregnancy Test 7 Possible Causes. Does Faint Line On Pregnancy Test Mean New Health Advisor.4 Factors That Could Result In A False Positive Pregnancy Test. Learn the reasons for a false-positive test result. Is the stick always right?The four main causes that may lead to a false positive pregnancy test include a chemical pregnancy, a recent miscarriage, medication or a defective test. What do the pregnancy test results mean? Its important to know what a positive or negative result means. If you get a positive result, you are pregnant .And certain drugs, such as tranquilizers, anti-convulsants, or hypnotics, may also cause false-positive results. Hence, looking for the cause of pregnancy test result false positive is very important to enrich the knowledge about pregnancy test, even can have better anticipation if facing the same problem in the future. Youve taken a home pregnancy test and the result is positive. But is there any chance that could be a false positive pregnancy test result?How Accurate are Pregnancy Tests? Medications. As part of infertility treatments, some women receive hCG injections to cause them to ovulate. Incorrect tests cause false positive results. It is vital to read and understand carefully the home pregnancy test guidelines before using the kit.This is one of the reasons for false positives in your pregnancy test results. A Woman: False-positive Pregnancy Test. Express tests are believed to be approximately 100 accurate given all instructions are followed.False-positive test result may be caused by the hormone failure in females. 3. False positive pregnancy tests can be caused by certain medications Sometimes urine can be contaminated with blood or large amounts of protein, which can lead to false positive results. False-Positive Pregnancy Test: 7 Possible Causes.False positive results are uncommon on pregnancy tests false negatives are much more common. Certain medications can cause a false positive result on False pregnancy test caused by certain medications. There are some medications such as phenothiazine that can interfere with the result of a pregnancy test.Defective pregnancy tests. False positive results can also be caused by an expired test or a faulty home pregnancy kit. According to the American Pregnancy Association, a blood pregnancy test can detect hCG about 11 days after conception, while a urine test can detect it 12 to 14 days after conception. Reasons that cause false positive pregnancy test results. How to Recognize False Pregnancy (causes, signs and tests).These facilities usually give very accurate results. If you get a positive test, then you are likely to be pregnant. Reasons for a false positive pregnancy test result range from a defective urine HPT test kit to factors in your blood or urine that can interfere with your test results.Certain prescription drugs can cause a false positive pregnancy test result. Lab Tests Online lists the following

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