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Do you need comprehensive sickness insurance to be able to claim child benefit?This page lists countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) and tells you what public funds nationals of these countries can claim. Working in another country outside the EEA means you still may qualify. You could still get SMP if your employer pays your UK National Insurance contributions.Claiming other Child-related Benefits Overseas. You could get Child Benefit if you are a national of a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland and work in the UK (or get certain UK benefits, e.g. a State Pension).What am I entitled to and how can I claim? There are 2 Child Benefit rates. About your children. Do any of the children/young persons you are claiming Child Benefit for have a parent who is an EEA National? No Yes If Yes, what is the nationality of the parent? Expecting a Child. Ill, Injured or Disabled. In Work - on a Low Income.Home > About Us > Our Campaigns > Benefits Awareness Campaign > Your Questions Answered > Im a Self-Employed EEA National - Can I claim? Any unemployed EEA national who has been in the UK for longer than 3 months can make a benefits claim, but note that only genuineFor claims made on or after 1 July 2014, new jobseekers arriving in the UK need to have lived here for three months in order to claim child benefit or child tax credit. tax credit claims. 2.0 EEA nationals and benefits.She has one child.

Matthew will be entitled to claim Child Benefit for the child even though the child is regarded as a person subject to immigration control. The current government has introduced various restrictions on European Economic Area (EEA) citizens access to benefits.Cannot claim means-tested Jobseekers Allowance (JSA), child benefit, or child tax credit within the first three months of arriving in the UK. Child Benefit claim. April 2006. Please read the notes that came with this form before you fill it in.If you do not know your National Insurance number, have you ever had one or used one at any time? No Yes. Title, enter MRS, MISS, MS, MR or other title. Parents can continue to claim child benefit for children with disabilities who are over 25 if they have had their disability since before that age and cannotUnder EU law, nationals of other EU/EEA member states and Switzerland can generally claim parental allowance if they live or work in Germany. Establishing whether an EEA national has the right to reside in the UK can be complex, as is establishing benefit eligibility. Restrictions to benefits include: Three month residence requirement for income-based jobseekers allowance, child benefit child tax credits.

If you are an EEA national or Swedish and reside in an EEA country or Switzerland, but work in the UK, you could qualify to receive Child Benefit.Leaving the UK? If you are going abroad for less than 52 weeks, it is classed as a temporary situation and you can still claim Child Benefit. national or non-EEA national. This policy will not affect the visa requirement for those coming from countries where such applies4.Clearly the Irish citizen child has a right to reside in the State. The parents do not and cannot claim personal rights of residence merely by dint of parentage. If a child dies before you claim Child Benefit you can still make a claim. Child Benefit is payable for 8 weeks after a childs date of death.a national of another country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. If your client is a national from outside the Common Travel Area (CTA) or the European Economic Area (EEA) their rights to claim benefits in the UK will be determined by their immigration status and any conditions places on this status. Benefits Coming from abroad and claiming benefits EEA nationals EEA nationals - family members.But if youre another family member, such as a child over 21, or a parent or grandparent, you may have rights too if youre looked-after, whether financially or otherwise, by your EEA family I am an EU / EEA national. Can I claim benefits? Child Benefit - child benefit rates, eligibility, how to claim, child benefit claim form will ensure your child is registered to get a National Insurance number when theyre 16 years old. Change of claimant. If you start to care for a child under 16, you should make a new claim for Child Benefit by completing the CB1 form.EU/EEA citizens and Swiss nationals working in Ireland satisfy the habitual residence condition for Child Benefit. EU regulations If you are an EU/EEA citizen or Swiss national working in Ireland, you qualify for Child Benefit.You may be waiting for up to 12 months for your claim to be processed. also to all the persons concerned who may claim those benefits, including the parents of the child for whom the benefits are claimed".Home Office guidance on European Economic Area (EEA) case law and appeals provide that: "Once a case has been determined by the ECJ, the national courts Who can claim benefits in the EEA.youre the widow, widower or child of someone who worked in an EEA country and was not an EEA national or a stateless person or refugee (but you must be a national of that country). Claiming Benefits EEA Nationals. Written by admin on May 24, 2016. Posted in the primary carer of a child who themselves has the right to reside. The blue European health card (EU/EEA nationals only) Medical card (optional) Driving license Educational certificates Vehicle papers (if you bring vehicles).Non-EU/EEA citizens In order to receive child benefit the child must reside in Denmark. hi everyone can anyone help me with this as im a bit lost can an eea national (self sufficent) claim a child benefit ? im currently looking after my 19 month daughter while my non eea husband is in full time employment, does that mean that im self Most families with children can claim Child Benefit. Child Benefit if you have come from outside the UK.This can apply to some people from abroad, including some EEA nationals who are not working.

EEA NATIONALS. Child Benefit is classified under EU law as a Family Benefit.Recovery of Overpayments. In a situation where an overpayment may arise on a Child Benefit claim, the overpayment must be recovered by the Department. We will tell you if there is any change in the Child Benefit payable to you. You will not need to make a new claim for Child Benefit.You are not subject to immigration control if you are: A UK national A national of another country in the EEA (see table below) Someone who has been granted leave to Non-EEA national workers will have to be resident in the State with their children to get Child Benefit.However, the condition has still had a negative impact on families who first claimed monthly Child Benefit after 1 May 2004 and who are. Can my dutch wife (EEA National) claim for benefits in UK? Wheres your proof that people can simply migrate to the UK and claim benefits?Eea spouse getting benefit how does it affect a non eea national? Child benefit Who is entitled in the UK? You can claim Child Benefit regardless of your income however, if you or your partners individual income is over 50,000 you may have to pay extra tax.If you are an EEA National you will also need to show that you have the right to reside in the UK. If: you are a family member of a European Economic Area (EEA) national ( EEA Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland(Note that for child benefit claiming for an additional child does not give rise to a revision or supersession of your existing entitlement). Please be aware that this factsheet deals only with the rights of European Economic Area Nationals (EEAs) to claim benefits in the UK. Direct ascendant of EEA national or their spouse/civil partner, and dependent on them. Descendant: child, grandchild, great grandchild, etc. Warning: International students must not claim child benefit as it is a public fund: Tier 4 student immigration permission prohibits the claiming of public funds. Some EEA nationals can claim child benefit if you satisfy certain residence conditions. In addition to EEA nationals this also applies to British and non EEA nationals.Delays Polish couple with 1 child and another on the way and waiting for a decision on their housing benefit claim, but the local authority say they are waiting for a decision on residency. So can you claim benefits from the United Kingdom whilst living/working in another EEA country?You can get a form call the E301 which gives a record of all National Insurance contributions you have made that may help you get a similar benefit in your new home. Chen parents cant claim benefits, but the 2012 amendments to the UK laws indicate that they can work. The parent is the primary carer of the child of an EEA national who has worked in the UK, and the child is in compulsory education. From 09/02/15 EEA Nationals who claimed Income based JSA before 1/1/14 and still receive it will be subject to the new Genuine Prospect of Work (GPOW) test byThis will leave many EEA nationals including some with children previously on benefits without any disposable income and facing eviction. Under EU law, people living in the UK may claim child benefit in respect of children who are living in another EEA country.DWP (2016) estimates that benefits claims where an EEA national was the main claimant made up 5 of DWP working-age expenditure, or 1.7bn. Nationals of Switzerland, the European Union, and European Economic Area are entitled to child benefit even if the child was not with them in Germany. If you are not an EU/ EEA citizen, but your children were with you in Germany you can still claim the childcare benefits for them. Are an EEA national with a right to reside permanently in the UK under Article 17 of Directive 2004/38/EC (eg if you worked in the UK and thenIf you get a positive decision on your asylum claim If you are granted refugee status you may be able to claim backdated tax credits and child benefit. If you are sole caregiver for your child and are claiming extended child benefit and the child is living in your home country (EEA country), you mustIf you are a national of an EEA country, you are covered by the EEA Regulation that applies to these benefits. Nordic conventions and certain social Right to reside means that you have permission or a right to live in the UK and can also claim benefits.Derivative Rights to Reside2 Chen Carers Third country nationals3 who are primary carers for an EEA national child residing in the UK as a self-sufficient person. Dispensing European Economic Area (EEA) Swiss Prescriptions issued by doctors and dentists excluding UK registered practitioners.Claiming Child Benefit Notes and claim form. Child Benefit can only be backdated 3 months. Inside: 1. EEA nationals and benefits 2. Prime Ministers Financial. Times article 3. A stronger, more robust. From 1 July 2014, new jobseekers arriving in the UK would need to have lived here for three months in order to claim Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. Benefits Coming from abroad and claiming benefits EEA nationals EEA nationals - jobseekers.the main carer of a child who is at school. To be able to make a claim for UC, you have to live in an area where its been introduced. You have to be resident to claim child benefit, but the child does not have to be resident.How difficult is it (as a British Citizen) to get a non EEA spouse (e.g. a Canadian Citizen) into the UK? For claims for payment of child benefit and/or cash benefit based on export rules under the EEA Agreement.In these instances, the employee will not be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme and will only be entitled to Norwegian child benefit and cash benefit if the family To claim Child Benefit fill in the claim form CH2, supplied with these notes, or go online at a family member of a person who is a UK, Swiss or an EEA national. You are not subject to immigration control if you are Chen parents cant claim benefits, but the 2012 amendments to the UK laws indicate that they can work. The parent is the primary carer of the child of an EEA national who has worked in the UK, and the child is in compulsory education.

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