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109.99 USD. The UltraAV DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual- Link active adapter provides the connection from your DisplayPort enabled computer to a DVI Dual-Link supported digital display. 3D Gaming cable PRODUCT LINK www.club-3d.com/index.php/products/reader.en/product/ displayport-to-active-dvi-dual-link-330mhz-stereo-3d-gaming-cable.html Copyright 2011, Club 3D B.V HIS DisplayPort to DL-DVI Cable Adapter works with either Dual-Link or Single- Link digital connections.DisplayPort to DVI dongle is required for panel with DVI connector. Converts a graphics cards DisplayPort output to dual link DVI Resolution up to 2560x1600 Supports all HP monitors that feature dual link DVI interface, including the HP LP3065 30-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Latching DP connector for a secure connection. The user manual for the Barco DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI-I Dongle K9305101 can be downloaded in .pdf format if it did not come with your new computer monitor adapters, although the seller is required to supply one. Supports resolutions up to 2560x1600 with DVI Dual Link Displays, 1920x1080 with Single- Link DVI displays Powered by a USB port Supported on any DVI-D display including televisions and Apple Cinema Display HD Supports multimode (DP) and single-mode DisplayPort. Apple adapter foreground, Kanex in the back.

If you are an Apple customer whove had a 30-inch display since the time Apple announced theyd be going from DVI adapters to Mini DisplayPort, youve probably gone through the wringer like me. Display flicker Issues with Apples adapter. DisplayPort to Dual DVI Adapter - Multi-Monitor SpannerUltraAV Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Active Single-Link 600 x 600 jpeg 25kB. Apple temporarily cuts USB-C dongle prices to appease MacBook Pro buyers.The C24DL is a simple dual-link DVI with USB to Mini DisplayPort converter designed for users with legacy Macs (2006-early 2008 MacBook Pro, 2005-mid 2007 Mac Mini) or PCs with high-end graphics cards to My 7970 has 2 Displayport mini, a hdmi and a dual link DVI output. Can i get some adapter or something that will allow me to utilize 144hz, and if so will it introduce any additional input lag as this is somewhat of a concern for me. Using dual link DVI graphics, the Dual Link DVI-to-Mini-DisplayPort Converter supports resolutions up to 2560x1600. Its designed as a Plug-n-Play solution for viewing DVI video using the Mini DisplayPort interface with audio support. Use your HD TV as a PC display with these DisplayPort to HDMI and DisplayPort to DVI dongles.This is an active device that converts the Dual-mode DisplayPort signal to HDMI.Supports DisplayPort link training.

DVI version 1.1 compliant. The adapter seamlessly converts the DisplayPort video signal into a DVI Digital video signal. Ideal solution for AMD Eyefinity and other Multi Monitor configurations.Product Name: DisplayPort to Active DVI Dual Link 330MHz Stereo 3D Gaming cable. Welcome to our guide on the merits and pitfalls of HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and good ole VGA.There are two different types of DVI connectors, single-link and dual- link. The dual-link DVIAsus ZenBook 13 vs. Dell XPS 13. Dongle duel to the death! Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku Streaming Stick. Refurbished VisionTek - DisplayPort adapter - dual link - DisplayPort (M) - 19 pin digital DVI (Dual-Link) (F) - active cable (signa.Get Quotations. Belkin Dual View Displayport to 2x DVI Adapter Dongle - DisplayPort adapter - DVI-D (F) - DisplayPort (M). Does a HDMI-to-DVI (dual link) adapter exist? I dont care about the price. 3. Will a passive DisplayPort to DVI adapter work on my Thinkpad? 7. How to connect two Dual-link-DVI displays to a Thunderbolt MacBook Pro. 1x 8-pin Power Cable, 1x DVI to VGA Dongle. RAMDACs. 400.Dual-link DVI-I x 1 HDMI x 1 DisplayPort x 3. Mini DisplayPort. Dual-Link DVI. Connector Type.Be the first to review Apple Mini DisplayPort To Dual-Link DVI Adapter Cancel reply. This new DiplayPort to DVI adapter cable allows you to connect your laptop with DisplayPort Out to an external DVI supported monitor/display. Connectors: Display Port to Single-Link DVI-D. Condition: NEW! VisionTek DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI-D Active Adapter (M/F) - 900639.Because of this, it supports resolutions up to 2560x1600. It requires a DP port, which allows DVI and HDMI signals to run through the port.

Issue Description: When using a powered DisplayPort/mini DisplayPort to dual link DVI active dongle to connect the display to the computer, the monitor experiences one or more of the following symptoms: Flickering. Dual-Link Supports 1920x1080 with Single-Link displays Support for any DVI-D display, including televisions and Apple Cinema Display HD Powered by a single USB 2.0 port Simple plug and play installation no software required.Instruction Manual DisplayPort to DVI Dual Link However, unlike the Single-Link dongle, the Dual-Link. dongle offers higher resolutions for both color and grayscale displays.The Dual-Link dongle should be ordered separately. DisplayPort to Dual- Link DVI Dongle - enables full refresh rate support. About this item. Powered by a USB port. Supported on any DVI-D display including televisions and Apple Cinema Display HD. Dual-Link DVI: WQXGA 2560 x 1600 Single-Link DVI: 1920 x 1080 Supports 268.5MHz bandwidth Powered from Mini DisplayPort source and USB Port. 04-0771A. 1. Package Contents. Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Active. J DVI-D Two dual-link DVI-D connectors with bandwidth up to 330 MHz. For 120 Hz stereo connect using dual-link DVI cable from the Quadro card.) Note: Passive dongles will only give single-link DVI speeds 165 Hz. Figure 3. DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Dongle. (1) USB-A Male, (1) DVI-D Dual Link Male. Output : (1) DisplayPort Female.Port protection technology The dongle style adapter reduces strain on the video port. The cable between the DVI-D connection and the converter provide strain relief that protects the port from strain damage as cords Display Port DP To DVI Dual Link 241 Pin Male Gold Connection Cable Audio/Video.If you are interested in displayport to dual link dvi, AliExpress has found 11 related results, so you can compare and shop! Shenzhen Signal Electronic focus on world-class, high-quality industrial connector manufacturing and cable harness assembly. Extends dual-link DVI up to 3300 feet (1 kilometer) over two strands of OM3 (laser-optimized 50/125m) multimode fiber optic cable.DVI Fiber Optic (Dongle Modules). DVI FM 500 Extender. Supports Single-Link DVI or Dual-Link DVI with a Built in Active Protocol Converter. It also supports DisplayPort 1.1a, HDCP Version 1.3 and DVI Version 1 standards.Output goes to a DVI-D port which you can directly plug your display. Specification Connector: mini Displayport 20 pin male > DVI-D (Dual Link) 241 male Mini Displayport 1.1a specification DVI connector with screws Signal: mini DP > DVI Cable gauge: 32 AWG Gold-plated connector Resolution up to 1920 x 1200 60 Hz The Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter can output twice as many pixels at the same speed to displays that have a Dual-Link DVI connector.Similar Questions (Dongle to attach my 13-inch macbook pro (bought in May 2012) to a projector?) Macbook Air Mini DisplayPort. DisplayPort to Digital Video dongle. DisplayPort to DVI-dual link (270 MHz) DisplayPort to DVI-single link DisplayPort to HDMI. Features Benets: Mature and reliable dongles in mass production Both active and passive versions (for dual mode DP) are available Available in DP TO DUAL-LINK DVI-D engineering. procedure dwgThis DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter Cable from Dell is used to connect DisplayPort output from your Dell systems to the Dual-Link DVI input of your Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP monitor. 69.99 USD. Belkin adapters come fully loaded-ready to use right out of the box. General. Device Type: DisplayPort video adapter. 2 x 19 pin digital DVI (Dual-Link) - female. (Other Side): 1 x 20 pin DisplayPort - male. Miscellaneous. Modular Dual-Link DVI extension using a two-strand multimode fiber optic cable with Virtual EDID. The Gefen FM2500 Modular Dual-link DVI Fiber Optic Extender allows DVI signal to be extended up to 3300 feet (1 km) away. The DP2DVID2 DisplayPort to DVI (Dual-Link) Adapter actively converts the output signal from a DisplayPort video source for use with a DVI-D display (monitor, etc.) or projector, helping to Perfect for larger format screens that use high DVI resolutions with Dual-Link connectivity. I have a dual-link (2560x1440) DVI monitor connected to my computer (2015 retina MbP) through the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVIbut allows access to HDCP content finally, the only configuration that offers both full resolution and HDCP is with Mini Display Port to Dual DVI-D cables. Mini DisplayPort Male to DVI-D Dual Link Male Cables and Adapters.DVI-I Single Link Male DVI Cable. Dongle Fitness Activity Trackers. The user manual for the Barco DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI-I Dongle K9305101 can be downloaded in .pdf format if it did not come with your new Computer Monitor Adapters, although the seller is required to supply one. DisplayPort to DVI dual link jack DP male to DVI (245) female adaptor. Request Latest Price.China Displayport Female Hdmi Male. China Dongle Cable. Top Wholesalers The Mini DisplayPort USB to Dual-Link DVI signal format converter seamlessly connect next generation DisplayPort based Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air with a Mini DisplayPort to conventional DV Displayport VS Dual-Link DVI. ryce4lyfeAug 3, 2016, 8:52 PM. So I know that both can support 1080p gaming at 144hz.12 answers Last reply Dec 29, 2016 Best Answer Aug 3, 2016. More about displayport dual link dvi. Yes it should work. Use one all the time on my MacBookPro6,2 for meetings both in OSX and Ubuntu. Thinking about buying an Apple Mini DisplayPort To Dual-Link DVI Adapter for your Mac computer? Read an honest review and see if it is worth the high price. Sapphire Active DP to DVI-D (Dual Link) adapter. Active DisplayPort adaptor, Active DP to DVI adapter, Display Port to DVIHardware, How To Guides. Previous Post. Testing and review of the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter. I got this adapter to pair with my older Apple 30" cinema display and Mac Mini. Its hard to quantify, but I still feel like the video quality is not as good as connecting via Dual-Link DVI directly.Everything worked great until this Mini DisplayPort redesign. Now I have to carry around 3 different dongles in case I need to plug into something else. Mini DisplayPort to DVI Dual Link Adapter / Mini Display Port to DVIFind great deals on eBay for dvi dual dongle. Shop with confidence.

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