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I get error : Sequence contains no elements.You are using the XElement to parse the xml. It will start from the first element which is mail and then you are looking for child elements of it with the name of mail - which non exist. Here is the sql query which i want to write in linq to c but im getting an error Sequence contains no elements Please check my sql code and linq code : SQL Query: select distinct a.DistrictID fromSequence contains no elements [Answered]RSS. 4 replies. I am able parse above XML successfully if all the tags are coming. But some times my response XML is missing tag called tag2, at that time i am not able to parse the XML and giving exception like " sequence contains no elements". The InvalidOperationException:Sequence contains no lelments exception will occur whenever we will try to retrive data from table in database doesnt contain no elements so whenever we are trying to get data it does not match our query, this error will occur. What is First() in Linq Previous - Conditional XML Element Selection using LINQ to XML Using LINQ WHERE Clause in CNext - Use LINQ Contains Method to Do SQL LIKE in C to Search a Specified Pattern in XML. LINQ to XML is a language-agnostic component of the LINQ Project. The samples in most of this document are shown in C for brevity.It returns a sequence containing the child elements of every XElement in the list. The results of the above query look like this As the query continues to execute, and LINQ needs to continue scanning the input sequence for additional elements, the StreamElements customCustom iterators are a very powerful C language feature, not necessarily limited for use with LINQ. Streaming input into LINQ to XML queries as an Possible Duplicate: LINQ: Max or Default? I have some LINQ to filterDateTimevars.

Max() throws an ArgumentNullException if the source doesnt have any elements.how to compare string with enum in C. string comparison with the most similar string. Sequence contains no elements. Question: Tag: c,linq,random. Can someone explain me why the following LINQ query throws an InvalidOperationException?c,xml,linq,xpath,linq-to-xml Using the following example xml containing one duplicate: 7506 You can see this same data as a SQL database in the Head First C Free C eBook [PDF] preview, which contains complete chapters.System.Xml.Linq namespace. Use XElement objects to create elements under the XML tree. /for enumerable source) sooner or later you will come across this one -- the InvalidOperationException ( Sequence contains no elements).Different ways how to escape an XML string in C. CopySourceAsHTML 3.0 has been released. Linq To XML : Check for existence of element. The sequence also must contain a custom value (in the correct order).Not the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged c linq interval or ask your own question. So, the problem is that when I run the code, there is an "Sequence contains no elements" error in the first query(valuefrom).

I debugged and it says that there is nothing in the query, but I dont understand why, cos I did similar things and never had a problem like thislinq to xml (c to vb.net conversion). Sequence Contains No Elements. How do I check for existing element correctly?Not the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged c linq linq-to-xml or ask your own question. If the input sequence contains zero elements, an exception will also be thrown: System.InvalidOperationException : Sequence contains no elements.C linq groupby operator with example. Read Controller action using Jquery in ASP.NET MVC and LINQ. using System.Web.UI.WebControls namespace Test.linq. When you query a LINQ data source with the Single() method call you may get the exception System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements.

When the Where() function eliminated all the items in the policies collection, the Sum() command threw the Sequence contains no elements exception. Inserting the DefaultIfEmpty() command between the Where() and Sum(), prevents this error The sequence contains no elements when querying an XML file by attribute ID. Im having a slightly confusing problem with my linq query against an XML file.i m currently working on a tutorial for a blog using ado.net and mvc3 (in c). I m fairly new to developing so please cut me some slack! LINQ to XML (XElement) - How to create XML element i "" j) Im parsing a lot of XML files using Linq to XML synatx, everything works when I try to access top level elements.ddName (string)element.Element("name") ). .FirstOrDefault() Sadly none of that works and i get same error " Sequence contains no elements". In this video, I will demo how to Read XML using LINQ in C You can see programming languages book reviews and buy Books Online at LINQ Query Issue, Sequence contains no elements 2012-03-28.C LINQ to XML query with duplicate element names that have attributes 2010-03-09. When you start playing with LINQ queries over sequences of elements (e.g. getting min / max value for enumerable source) sooner or later you will come across this one -- the InvalidOperationException ( Sequence contains no elements). By using Linq query expression, you can easily read all elements of the xml file. The example code below gets all ements from the xml file, stores them in elements collection variable and outputs titles of books in the collection. LINQ: Sequence contains no elements errror. I am trying to solve an error with using LINQ.The problem I am facing is when the node is not present in the XML Im getting Sequence contains no elements e. The primary difference between both the classes is that an XDocument can contain XML declaration, XML Document Type (DTD) and processing instructions.8. How do I apply Sorting on Elements using LINQ to XML. Let us see how to List and Sort all Zip Codes in ascending order. C. This will throw InvalidOperationException with Sequence contains no matching element.Using LINQ to refactoring code into single responsibility principle SRP. C tip: How to count values of Dictionary that contain List using Linq. c - EF code-first: Sequence contains more than one matching element. c - DbSet.Add(T entity) throws System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element. c - linq where Contains in IEnumerable. Example of a LINQ query. C. using System using System.LinqGroupJoin. Join two sequences and group the matching elements. join in on equals into LINQ to XML offers easy accessibility to all LINQ functionalities like standard query operators, programming interface, etc. When you get theLINQ Error Sequence contains no elements, this is usually because you are using the First() or Single() command rather than FirstOrDefault() and SingleOrDefault(). Take for example the following code that uses First() on the results of the LINQ query.

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